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Cash points for $25 or more of bank account statements made in the last 120 business day. Developed to make the payment of your shopping at smart cards in the USA and abroad more safe. Offers cardholders a range of benefits, which include 24/7 24/7 availability of accredited closure professionals, loan agency notifications, affidavits against identity theft, replacements for cards and an ID Theft Solution Kit.

Covers a refund if you see a print ad for the same product (manufacturer and number) at a lower cost within 120 calendar working day of the date of purchase. Provides extended coverage that will double the life of the U.S. OEM's U.S. WRR up to one year to 3 years or less if you buy an qualifying product in full with your qualifying Visa key.

Allows you to keep track of your creditworthiness and get notifications when we hear that your rating has been altered. 1Quotation pending loan authorisation. The services depend on the type of ticket you are eligible for. You will not all be eligible for the Priceline Signature Visa Cards. If, at the date of your request, you do not satisfy the eligibility requirements previously set for this promotion, or if your reported earnings are not sufficient due to your responsibilities, we may not be able to open an account  or you may be issued a Visa Platinum Cards.

For more information on the applicable advantages, please read the material you received after opening your bankroll. Please read the General Conditions for information on tariffs, charges, annual fee, other charges and the regulations of the rewards programme (including the deferral percentage, rewards, etc.) and advantages associated with the use of this programme.

2 Please read the rewards summary for important information about the above programme advantages and functions, as well as the general conditions, to find out all about the premium advantages (e.g. how points are earned), interest rate and bank charges and conditions for this special promotion before you apply. You will receive five thousand points (5,000) at the end of the first periodic closing of accounts when you make your first purchases or bank credit.

5,000 points can be used for $50 in cash for $25 or more purchased in the last 120 business day. Initial use bonuses are restricted to new cardholders. Members of cards deserve "points" in the following sums, depending on the type of transaction debited from the account: a) Make five (5) points for every U.S. Dollars earned on all your shoppings.

Qualifying buys include: cruise (as specified by the dealer class code), Your Own Prize® name, ExpressDealsTM and Pay Now reservations, and Trip Protection product buys made on When you make a paid now reservation, it is any reservation that needs to be paid at the moment of the reservation and Priceline. com is the merchants of recor.

More information about Name Your Own Priceline and Express Deals and Trip Protection you' ll find at b) Get one (1) point for every buck you spend on all other shopping. All of the following operations are exempt from "purchases" and do not deserve interest, financing costs, transfer of balances, comfort cheques, advance payments in kind and other taxes, unless otherwise indicated.

Item redemption: Your points can be redeemed against a $25 or more deposit for each purchase on your bank account that has been booked within the last 120 calendar days. 2. Receive 10% of your points back as a cashing discount that you can use each account card crediting cashing against qualifying prices. com Shopping and qualifying travel-related shopping-on.

Entitled travel-related shopping is defined by the dealer type number: the dealer number: "Eligible travel-related purchases": If, for example, you use 25,000 points for an entitled prize, you will earn 2,500 points as a reward for your next use. Traveller loyalty points will be credited to your bankroll within one working days of processing your trip.

Allow Barclays and Priceline to disclose information to the full scope required to manage the rewards program. FICO Credit Scrutiny: Access: FICO® Credit Scores can be accessed at Barclays' own option. Some of the bankrolls do not have FICO Credit Scores. The FICO® Credit Score is not a constant characteristic of your bankroll and can be deleted at any tim.

In order to see your FICO Credit Score, your FICO® Credit Score must be open, activated (with activities within the last 150 days) and in good name. Priceline Rewards? Visa Card is provided by Barclays Bank Delaware (Barclays) under a licence from Visa USA Incorporated. Visas is a registred trade mark of Visa USA Incorporated.

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