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Priceeline thinks it has an advantage over Expedia in holiday rental. Priceline Group is planning to pursue its effort to support alternate accommodation, which is all immediately available for booking, which CEO Glenn Fogel considers an asset. On Tuesday, Mr Fögl gave a speech for the first three months as part of the results survey. has more than 640,000 ready-to-book holiday homes on Priceline's booking site, which corresponds to annual revenue expansion of 51%. has a combined portfolio of around 25.5 million rooms, 8 million of which are in alternate accommodation such as houses, mansions and flats. Asked by an expert how to promote further expansion in the holiday home sector, Fogel replied that the firm does not levy any travel expenses for the booking of holiday flats and that all its holiday flats can be booked immediately.

"â??We think this is an advantage,â he said, including Priceline which will further expand its existing array of alternatives. Mr Fogel said that Priceline's alternate accommodation businesses "are expanding more rapidly than the overall corporate average". Priceline Inc Priceline Group' principal rival, Expedia Inc, provides a range of holiday homes through its HomeAway name.

Speaking at the company's last profit call in April, CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said that approximately 85% of HomeAway's real estate is available for bookings on-line (approximately 1.4 million). "We will then also make the switch from on-line to immediate bookable," said Khosrowshahi. "This is even sooner and we think that the switch to immediate bookings will still be a boost when it comes to converting rates."

As well as talking about alternate accommodation options on Priceline's call, Fougel also answered an analyst's questions about whether the firm has seen any effect from the Trump administration's talk and its attempts to ban them. "cWe have not seen any significant effects of the U.S. policy events,³d said Mr Fougel. CFO Dan Finnegan, who died at his 33nd birthday on Wednesday, was also named CFO.

Mr Finnegan has been with Priceline for 14 years, and Fogel said he would stay in touch with his heir. Priceline's net profit for the first three months of 2017 was $456 million, an increase of 22%.

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