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In July we searched the internet for holiday packages to Hawaii. Priceline offered one of them. Preiceline also offers Name Your Own price to ensure the best possible prices. Priceline all inclusive holiday allows you to pay in advance for your tickets, hotel rooms, meals, drinks and activities and entertainment. unveils enhanced holiday service; select from over 2,000 hotel locations, all-inclusive resorts included.

)--Dec. 10, 2003--Priceline. com today offers an extended holiday pack with fully published rates and offers, a best possible fare warranty and a new weekend offer where clients can choose their flights window for a two to six days holiday. Please see www.priceline. com/vacations for all information about the extended holiday packages and the conditions of the Best Value Warranty.

These are some example deals already obtained from Priceline increased vacation facilities customers:-- Laurie G was paying $208 per capita for round-trip air lines from Burbank to Las Vegas and 3 overnight stays at Treasure Island Hotel. Lawrence K charged $250 per passenger for round trips from Tucson to Lake Tahoe and 3 overnight stays at Lake Tahoe Holiday Lodge.

Deborah Dulitz charged $744 per passenger for round-trip Pensacola to London and 6 overnight stays at the Thistle Kensington Palace Hotel. Steven L charged $531 per passenger for round-trip Houston to Cancun and 3 overnight stays at Bahia Principe Akumal Resort. Sharon P charged $372 per passenger for round-trip Ontario (CA) to Honolulu and 5 overnight stays at the Aston Coral Reef Hotel.

The indicated rates are inclusive of all duties and charges. "'s holiday package services have been expanded with several new functions, among them simple pricings, a rugged suite of purchasing aids, more flying opportunities for shorter breaks and a reassuring assurance that our clients will get the best value on the market," said Chris Soder,'s Executive Vice President, Lodging and Holiday Products.

Some of the high points of the extended Priceline Vacations service include: shows a complete list of all available properties and gives clients the best per capita rate for a holiday in each of these properties, inclusive of return flight. Any holidays show the full amount, inclusive of tax and charges, before the client chooses to purchase.

Best Value Guarantee. Priceline Vacations will reimburse 100 per cent of the balance if a customer finds a better rate for the same holiday within 24 hrs of making the book. Now Priceline Vacations has over 2,000 hotels in the USA, Europe, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean, among them 4-star and all-inclusive hotels. works with all five major chain operators in the country and a wide range of other top class restaurants and hostels. offers its clients several simple ways to get a sneak peek at the real estate and choose their perfect holiday. Each of the quoted establishments is full of support information, with images, conveniences, descriptions, tickets and local tourist sites.

Clients can choose to order by prize, stars or name. also shows which are the most favourite among its clients. Travellers looking for a particular topic for their escape (casinos, sands, Europe, etc.) can consult the com' recommendation. Weekend vacation. Priceeline Vacations ensures that clients receive maximal recovery times.

Priceline Vacations offers four different departure window choices for holidays starting on Thursday/Friday/Saturday and coming back the following Sunday/Monday/Tuesday:'s Weekender Subscription is reserved up to two week in advanced for the more last-minute holidays. If clients are choosing a travel location and accommodation, Priceline Vacations will also consider whether alternate schedules, such as using another airfield, are saving cash or more comfortable, and provide these choices so that the client can make a choice. provides financial services for sales in two categories: a cruise services offering recreational airfares, hotels, car rentals, holiday deals and cruise services; and a private financial services offering mortgage, refinance and home ownership credit through an independant notary. runs the websites and is a partner of Travelweb LLC. licences its operating models to unrelated licencees, which include commercial mortgages and certain cross-border licencees. The forward-looking statement may contain forward-looking information. Such forward-looking assertions are not a guarantee of forward-looking performances and are not necessarily guaranteed and are therefore exposed to certain unforeseeable factors, such as risk, uncertainty and assumption; therefore, the results may differ significantly from those contained in such forward-looking assertions, whether expressing, implying or predicting results.

Phrases of forward-looking objectives and similar terms such as "may", "will", "should", "could", "expected", "expected", "not expected", "plan", "anticipated", "believes", "estimates", "forecasts", "potential", "targets" or "sets" that reflect something other than historic facts are designed to identify forward-looking statements. c. Among other things, the following risks and uncertainties could cause the Company's results to differ significantly from those described in the forward-looking statements: unfavorable changes in general economic circumstances for recreational and other recreational tour operators, due in part to acts of terrorism; unfavorable changes in the Company's relationship with air carriers and other vendors of goods and services, in particular, without limiting the Company's ability to withdraw its vendors from the price list.

This includes, but is not limited to, the following: the failure or default of another large German carrier; the impact of intensified competitive pressure; systemic defaults and/or safety violations; the company's capacity to defend its IPRs; the loss of the company and its licencees; last changes made at the end of the third trimester; legislative and regulative risk and the capacity to recruit and maintain skilled people.

Please see the most recent Forms 10-Q, Forms 10-K and 8-K filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission for a full description of these and other matters that could cause the Company's results to differ materially from those described in the forward-looking forward-looking statement. Except as otherwise prescribed by applicable laws, the company assumes no liability to revise forward-looking information, whether as a consequence of new information, past or present developments or otherwise.

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