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Famous Places for Memorial Day Weekend 2018 The Memorial Saturday starts the winter holidays with masses of people who want to take part in the three-day-weekend. "Travellers often get a discount on sightseeing tours," says Brigit Zimmerman, Priceline's Sr. VP of Aviation, I&P. The Memorial Day weekend offers a great chance to discover and offers plenty. "These are the most beloved hotspots of this year's commemoration day," says Priceline.

First on Priceline's shortlist is Windy Town.

With a vibrant urban landscape, award-winning restaurants, numerous museum and arcade shops along the Magnificent Mile, Chicago boasts an entertaining view of the lakefront Navy Pier. The Chicago Architecture River Cruise is one of the city's most visited sights. There will be a variety of events for people visiting the town, which will take place on Memorial Day weekends, as well as appearances by artists such as Jennifer Lopez and Celine Dion.

It was also named eighteenth in Priceline's Top-Growning Destinations for Memorial Day Weekend 2018 rankings, on the basis of comparative figures between 2017 and 2018 Priceline reservations. L.A. is a good choice for jet-setters who want to enjoy a little bit of sun over the weekend. There is a burgeoning artscene, fashionable dining and a number of beloved touristic sites such as Rodeo Drive, Santa Monica Pier and Strand, the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Sunset Boulevard.

The town also boasts a number of tourist sites outside its renowned amusement park and is a favourite place for golf players and the outdoors. Situated on the East Coast, this historic and cultural crossroads recently took first place in the U.S. News & World Report rankings for the best summer vacation destinations, making it a must this year.

Also New Orleans came first in Priceline's Top Growing Destinations for Memorial Day Weekend and eleventh in the most accessible destinations for the Memorial Day Weekend. Go on a tour of the French quarter of the town, enjoy the renowned Cajun food, hear real life tunes and enjoy all the cultural attractions this beloved place has to boast of.

On this Memorial Day weekend, visitors will make good use of Miami's kilometres of sands. There are other funny things to do on the shore in this town, such as the lively Wynwood arts, shops and grocery scenes and the close proximity of Mount Wynwood's Air Boat trips. Situated on the cove, this town has a number of attractions, such as the famed Golden Gate Bridge, and take a cruise on the city's renowned funiculars, eat crisp shellfish at Fisherman's Wharf and make an excursion to the Mission District.

Dallas, Texas, rounds off the list of the most popular destinations for Memorial Day Weekend 2018. It was also placed eighth in Priceline's Most Affordable Destinations for Memorial Day Weekend. There is art and cultural life, vibrant night life and exquisite Tex Mex food.

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