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Firms such as Hotwire and Priceline hide hotel names from potential guests, and both customers and hotels benefit from the agreement. The reason Priceline gave the hotel away this evening At the end of 2015, Priceline had talks with Hotel Tonight about the possible purchase of the smaller hotel reservationival. Priceline's managers liked the young, wealthy community and the choice of hotels in the city. However, Hotel Tonight was about to loose $37 million this year on a turnover of only $33 million. The Priceline management did not believe that Hotel Tonight could better control cost while quickly expanding its clientèle.

"After looking at the numbers,[Priceline] couldn't see any scale ability in the game," says one of the people who was part of the conversations that hasn't been covered before. The story is part of our archives of over 2,400 histories and is only available to subscription. In order to give you a sneak peek at our work, you can type in your e-mail address to view the entire work.

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You have a price line problem?

You know what, hoteliers? No. Priceline users are likely to lower your overall score. The priceline evaluations are usually much lower than on other evaluation pages. As soon as we discover this fact, the next thing I usually heard was "Frickin' Priceline customers". Do you think the client should be responsible for the fact that he expects a great hotel event and then gives you bad reviews when he is dissapointed?

Rather, you should hold yourself responsible for using the conduit to add additional equipment, but then treat priceline customers differently from your other customers. "Why should someone who pays $100 get the same room as someone who pays $300?" Since you have chosen that it is okay to buy a room for $100 and now you have to make sure that the client is satisfied.

Satisfied customers will result in a great rating that leads to more reservations. A dissatisfied client leads to a poor rating that hinders booking. Please remember that the visitor will receive a hyperlink to post a rating for Priceline. Do you want to generate more immediate income and get in touch with your customers?

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