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Use to get low discounts on hotel rooms I' ve worked in the on-line tourism sector for almost a century, and the best advice I've learnt was how to use to book hotel rooms (and rental cars). I was able to spend a lot of nights in really friendly accommodations for very little inconvenience. I' ve been staying in 4 and 5 star hostels in the big US towns for less than $100 per city.

Frequently much lower. I' ve been staying in two and three star riverside resorts for even less money. The majority of lodgings cannot reserve every room every single evening. In fact, most of them have rooms available all year round. They also have to make mortgages and other charges related to the general servicing and repair of ownership and operation of a hotel.

However, hotel proprietors do not want to promote the fact that they have many empty rooms and that they are prepared to significantly lower their rates in order to fill them. Hoteliers fear that this kind of bulk discounts could harm their brand and price clout in the long run.

This is where Priceline comes in. With Priceline Brand Your Own Priceline, you can "bid" on hotel rooms. It is a personal tender, and if your offer is approved, only you, Priceline and the hotel that will accept your offer will know the room fee. Doing this works out for you (assuming you get a room with a discount price), for Priceline (they take a commission on the room as you reserved through it), and the hotel (they got to fill a room that would otherwise have gone unsold, and they were able to do so without having to show the general public the discount price).

Priceline's "Name Your Own Price" works in such a way that you are offering a certain rate for a certain hotel in a certain area within the town or area you are in. They do not see which hotel qualifies for this area and you do not know in which hotel you will stay until your bids are approved.

Although Priceline is not ideal, my personal experiences have shown that almost 100% of the hotel timing meets my expectation on the basis of my chosen one. Just how do you go about getting these unbelievable deals on hotel rooms through Priceline? Use the following easy step-by-step instructions (I use New York City as an example, but this approach can be used in any area of the country).

  • the first thing you need to do is get a direction for what hotel prices look like for your position and bout. Browse sites like Orbitz, Travelocity and Expedia (see our tip on saving money on hotel rooms). Watch the stars.

Whilst most sites have their own propriety stellar ratings system, you can still get a general sense of what hotel rooms are going through at each stellar ratings levels, even though the criterions vary slightly from one site to another. Attempt to get a sense of prices. For example, in one area, you might find that as a rule $80-$90 per overnight will go to top rated 3-posterns, and $110-$125 per overnight will go to 4-stars restaurants, etc.

And, while some pages rate a hotel 3 stars while others rate it 4 stars, it's not really important - you're just trying to get a sense of what prices look like in a general area. They don't have to waste much of your precious free day searching. Hotwire's brand is similar to Priceline's "Name Your Own Price", except for one significant difference:

Hotwire, like Priceline, uses an obscure hotel in the chosen area, where the hotel is not visible and you do not know which hotel you will receive until you accept the hotel fee. Hotwire won't let you offer a prize - they offer you a prize for a particular area during the terms you choose.

HOTWIRELINE is similar to Priceline, often even with similar name. If you are looking for a hotel in New York City, for example, you have many areas to chose from. Both have a area in Manhattan known as Times Square, which is about 2 x 10 blocks in size. Attempt to find the Hotswire rates for Times Square properties on the basis of your desired stars score.

In general, I have found that I can win in Priceline by bid between 10% and 25% below the price displayed by Hotwire. There is a solid messaging card split by trip types (airfare, hotel, rental cars, etc.). Humans use this website to see other people's commandments placed through Priceline and to exchange their own commandments (or failures) so that others can learnt and use them.

Visit and search for the section headed "USA Hotels". Locate the area where you would like to make a hotel reservation. For this example, I want to make a hotel reservation in New York city so I search the New York cities directory. First look for a pole at the top that says the town name in all covers, followed by HOTELS CALL.

For the New York City page I am looking for the following address "NEW YORK CITY HOTELS LIST". Clicking on this hyperlink will take you to a page that shows what the website owners in each area and within each of the stars (based on entries in their messaging boards) have bid to win:

The following is a general overview of what kind of hotel you are likely to get if you offer within a certain hotel classification and area. Please note that this is not a complete listing and the owners of make no warranties as to which properties are located in each area.

You can use this to get a general idea of what's out there - but notice that some of them are either not there or no longer there. Browse through the New York City entries to see if all the "winning" (i.e. successful) bidding is placed at about the same hour and with the same stars you are looking for.

For this example, I am looking for a 3. 5 or 4 star hotel in the Times Square area. Turns out there are a few places that show winning bidding for this area during this timeframe. Check out the picture below as I have marked a 4-star hotel for Times Square that someone was able to get for $125 per night over the same week-end I am looking to get a hotel.

The information is very useful as I now have a good notion of what I should offer at From my early quest with Orbitz, Travelocity and Expedia, plus my Hotwire quest and eventually my quest through's messaging board, I have a good feeling for what I should offer at

Go to Priceline, fill in your data in your city or area and perform a searche. Then, look for the following address "Name Your Own Price" and click on it. You will be taken to a page with a listing of areas within the area you have selected. The New York Cities example shows a listing like the following.

I have marked the area and the two stars I want to choose (3. 5 and 4 stars). This time I just klicked on the Times Square area and can see this area on a card (it's the area number 12 connected to it). If my offer is approved, my hotel will be within this 2 blocks of 10 blocks.

As soon as I am satisfied with the area and the stars, I place my offer. If I had not found a winner offer similar to my own I could be about 25% below the Hotwire list prices on my first one. Once you have placed your offer, Priceline could try to persuade you out of it and tell you that your offer is really low and will probably not be upheld.

With Priceline you can place another bet if your first offer is not made. In order to place a new auction, however, you can not only modify the prize - you must modify your selection criterias by including a second area ( (alternatively, you can sit back several consecutive nights, place a new auction based on exactly the same criterions and then simply modify your prize; you can also join as another creator with a different payment method, although you may need to delete your cookies).

I' d like to place a new offer, but I just want to remain in Times Square. So, what I do is look for an area that doesn't have 3. 5 or 4 stars stairs. I find in this example that Chelsea does not have 3. 5 stars or more properties.

So I know that it is "safe" to include this area in my offer, as I cannot possibly get a 3. to 5 stars hotel in the Chelsea area. I' m trying to recall posting my winner offers on the messaging board so that others can profit from my achievements (or failure, as is sometimes the case).

So, the next day you need to make a hotel reservation, please share your experience by publishing it on theirmessageboards. If you are not acquainted with Priceline's "Name Your Own Price" products, remember that you will be included in the hotel room if your offer is approved.

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