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Guidebook India Surrender your walking legs and take a cheap trip to India for an unforgettable adventure. It is a land almost as big as Europe, the opportunities are limitless and you will never be embarrassed. Explore the myriad sanctuaries and sanctuaries in this land of more than a billion inhabitants and a thousand-year-old population.

With our low-cost air fares, cash is the last thing on your minds when planning your journey to India. These are some hints to help you organize your journey to India. How is the wheather in India? It is a large nation and the climatic conditions can differ from one location to another.

It has seven climate zones, from alpine in the northern (Himalayas) to southern inland. There is a great impact of the Asian monsoon on the rain. Sud-western monsoons begin in May and June and last until September; the southern part receives the rainfall between the end of May and the beginning of June, the northern part about one and a half months later.

Northeastern monsoons last from October to November, when states such as Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka receive most of their precipitation. When' s the best flying period to India? It is such a huge nation and has so many climatic zones that almost every period of the year has its climax and idle times.

Whereas India is a large and climatically diverse land, the high tourism seasons are usually the cold "dry season" from November to March. In the Himalayas of India, the high seasons are August and September, when most tracks are crowded with people, but the temperature is hot and the sky is relatively arid.

For most of the main part of the land, the low seasons coincide with the monsoons or "rainy seasons", which break out over the subcontinent at the end of April. Usually this happens until the end of September, except in the southern part of Kerala, where it rains until October and November. Winters in southern India are still hot, even if it can get cool at day.

What is the best timeframe to make a reservation for a journey to India? In Goa, for example, the period of monsoons can last from June to September, while in other areas it can last from October to November. Whereas the lowest cost flights to India can be found during the rainy months, when there are far fewer visitors, if you are looking for cool, sunshine, you should make plans to do so.

So if you can be adaptable with your data and your destination, you can find the lowest cost flights to India, just make sure you book your airline ticket at least 3 or 4 month in advance, as the best offers for flights can be found by making your reservation as early as possible.

So how long does the plane trip to India take? The flying times depend on which of India's many towns you are flying to. When travelling to India's most beloved Indian airfield, Indira Gandhi International in New Delhi, the journey takes about fourteen and nineteen hour from New York or Chicago and Los Angeles.

What airline companies are flying to India? It is not too hard to find a plane to India, as United, Delta and American are all flying into the state. Air India is another possibility for flights from the USA. When arriving from an overseas traveler, look at flights with companies such as Air Canada or Lufthansa.

So what should you bag for a trip to India? Please take a lot of clothes made of fabric and canvas with you, so that you can remain cold, as it gets particularly warm in India in summers. When you are on a visit in winters or remain in the north, you should take shifts with you, as it can get cold.

As suntan lotion in India is more expensive, it is better to have more. In India, all large Indian airfields are serviced by regional busses that take you either directly to the centre of the town or to a rail terminal. Whilst this is a cheap alternative, both busses and coaches can become very full and you must always keep an eye on your baggage.

A number of destinations, such as Indira Gandhi International airport (DEL) in Delhi, are served by a flight to the destination. It is a quick and effective way to get to the main town and it is 25 min. between the international centre and the university. Getting to the centre of the town or your hotels from most Indian airfields is easy by cab.

You are relatively cheap to use and you can buy pre-paid cards instead of using the counter, so you will not have any disagreements with the driver about the ticket price. As soon as you have arrived after your trip to India, there are many transport options that you can use to investigate.

The best and most appreciated way to travel in India is by plane. It has a vast airline fleet and low-cost carriers are very much appreciated by Indians and travellers respectively. It has the second biggest railway system in the word and transports more than 15 million passengers a day and buses complement the railway transport to the remotest parts of India.

You can also hire a vehicle, although in India it is more usual to hire a vehicle and a motorist than just a one. They' re less expensive than cabs and can drive through busy highways. Even more cheaply - but more slowly - is the bicycle-rikscha.

So what is there to do in India? India has a wide variety of tourist destinations due to its enormous dimensions. Markha Valley and Hemis Festival offers stunning scenery and you can even see a few white leopard on the way in cold weather. Well-known for its big cat, India is also home to the Himalayan leopard and the Himalayan spur.

With well over a billion inhabitants, the island has some room on the coast between Mumbai and Goa. India has so many different faiths, there are so many different celebrations throughout the state. March is the Holi celebration, where folks everywhere throw colour powder and it's not the right moment to dress in their most beautiful outfits.

The two festivities take place throughout India, and there are also many smaller local festivities. lndia is the birth place of four great faiths, so clothe yourself adequately if you hope to attend their sacred places. There are unbelievable colourful parties in India. On the west coastline of India, the island is known for its beautiful sandy beach, architectural and religious heritage.

Golden Triangle is just a foretaste of India. The nocturnal closure of the India-Pakistan frontier in Wagah is a spectacle not to be overlooked. With Assam and Darjeeling, India is the world's biggest exporting country, two of the most spectacular places to try your hand at the heart of its on wheels plantation.

Do you plan to go somewhere else after seeing India's attractions? Also all US airlines flying to India are flying away, so you can take a trip to the States or resume your trip abroad. India's biggest airport has a very high air traffic, so you should get there early if it will take longer than anticipated to get through that check.

When you have decided on a holiday location, you should have a look at our Indian airports guide for more information and useful hints.

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