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Rent a Classes Size & Luggage Compartment Guide Anything from an economical to a luxurious vehicle can be rented and everything in between, and in this Hire Guidebook we offer you a brief summary of each hire group. There are many things to consider when renting a vehicle to help you choose what type of vehicle to hire. Here is a brief overview of our most favourite brands and styles to help you select the most suitable category for your route. Throughout the world, we have found a great place to rent a vehicle. We believe the information on favorite hire categories will help you make the right decision about the ideal hire vehicle for your next holiday.

Small, manoeuvrable and economical hire vehicles are an ideal option for those travelling at low cost and on shorter notice.

There are 30-35 mile per gal and an economical vehicle hire can accomodate 4 grown-ups, two medium-sized cases and a small one. Hiring a small vehicle provides outstanding propellant consumption (25-30 mile per gallon) and sufficient stowage room for baggage (12-14 cf) and provides room for approximately three small to medium-sized pockets or cases.

Travellers who value convenience without exceeding their budgets will appreciate a medium-sized vehicle hire company when travelling in Europe or elsewhere. With 15-17 cu. ft. of baggage stowage, you can count on 3-4 mid-sized pockets or cases to easily accommodate a mid-size hireer. Hire a full-size vehicle and benefit from a full 18 cu ft suspension (in most models) along with respectable consumption at 15-25 mph.

Hiring a luxurious limousine in Europe is an occasion to experience the most scenic landscapes in the whole wide globe behind the steering wheels of a first-class limo. Your brand and style of luxurious hire cars determines baggage size and consumption. Large, secure and ample stowage room is what an S. U. V. hire is all about - the ideal choice for travelling with the whole team.

Developed to house additional gear (do you plan a skiing trip?), renting an S. U.V. in Europe provides space for 5 or more of you. Hiring a full-sized model C Class provides travellers with a slim, economical solution for luxurious, comfortable and safe travel. Benefit from our fine mechanics, favourable conditions at reduced prices and lots of space on your forthcoming European outing.

When you wish to reserve one of the above mentioned hiring categories for your next holiday, you can make your reservation on-line or call our toll-free reservation number at 1-888-223-5555 and talk to one of our competent staff. If you have any queries about your next hire company, we are at your disposal 24/7.

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