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Work out how many airline miles you can earn. Most of these benefits come from the card on the Visa Infinite platform. TD Aeroplan vs. CIBC Ventura: What kind of map brings you your holiday of dreams earlier?

It'?s such a good time in February to think about escaping, isn't it? The best way to make this holiday of your dreams come true is to earn points or mileage on your major international bank account that can be used for airline passes, hotel reservations and much more. Since TD became the main exhibitor of Aeroplan payment cardholders, the reward community has been heated, warm and hobnob.

Initially provided solely through CIBC, TD's arrangement entered into force in January 2014. However, CIBC struggled back and introduced a brilliant new reward option: the CIBC Ventura Cards. I just want to know which map will take me to my favourite place before. We are comparing the TD Aeroplan Infinite Visa and the CIBC Aventura Visa Infinite Cards.

In essence, this is the same type of payment cards, but they provide a different, albeit similar, reward system. Let's take the savings rate of 40,000 points per journey. If you register now for the CIBC Aventura Visa Infinite membership you will not pay the first year' s subscription and you will earn up to 20,000 Aventura points on your first buy, enough for a short-haul up to $400.

When you enroll for a TD Aeroplan Infinite Visa you get the same welcome 15,000 airline mile welcome bonuses on your first buy plus, for a fixed period, a 2 for 1 award. You' ll also get points for every buck you spendt. A 5 point credit for every buck that' s earned at petrol station, food store and drugstore, plus one point per buck that you pay for all other shopping.

Typically Canada is spending $217 a week on natural Gas, the Typical Canada Budget is spending $500 a week on food, and for laughs, let's say you are spending $100 in the drugstore and $200 on everything else. That' 1,425 points per week, regardless of the game. With so many points earned each and every single payment, you can make your holiday of your dreams within 14 and 18 from Aeroplan by using your daily shopping with your major banker.

Because of this experience it seems that Aventura is the better wager - you don't have to buy the annuity and get there in 14 month instead of 18-month. Even though you are earning points on both schedules in the same way and they are added up in the same way, the points you need for your journey differ depending on which carrier you use, which category you select and at what season you want to use.

 This is when you need to look into the smallprint of your card policies. As Aventura is a new high gloss programme, you can reserve any seating with any carrier without blackouts or expiration date. Aeroplan, on the other side, is one of the most appreciated reward programmes on the open air gaming markets.

Irrespective of which reward programme you select, the good thing is that your holiday is nearer than you think.

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