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And the rewards I get

Learn why TD Points do not expire while your account is open. TD Canada can be downloaded and enjoyed on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. What do I look at my reward points to see which purchases I actually do...

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You can also visit: to sign up for your TD Visa account and see and track your full points. Alternatively, you can review your Reward Points by calling one of our 24/7 TD Customer Service specialists at 888-561-8861. Because you sound like you have a Cash Rewards with us, you can make rewards for legitimate shopping such as food, food, electricity, telephone bills, and cables.

To learn more about TD cards, please visit page 3 of the following link: Our TD Easy Rewards and TD Gold Rewards cards provide instant rewards. When you are the master bankroll holder, you can always use your rewards for a withdrawal as soon as you have made at least $25.00.

All information is up to date at the date and hour indicated and is subject at all times to be changed without prior notification.

The following page provides an outline of the TD Advantages Programme.

The following page provides an outline of the TD Advantages Programme. For more information, see the key planning documents, which include summarized planning specifications, under Resources on this website. If there is a dispute or mismatch between this site or a summarised project specification and the project paper (including a group policy ) regulating the relevant service, the project paper shall take precedence.

At its own option, TD may change or cancel its pension schemes at any point in the year. Descriptions of the programme, the schedules themselves and participating in the programme and the schedules are not meant as and cannot be interpreted as contracts of work or any kind of job guarantees between a person and TD.

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