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Cash in the TD points earned on purchases made with your TD Travel Credit Card. EXDEDIA For TD travel purchases: Journey online or call Expedia For TD. You can also use TD points to pay for all or part of your trip.

Value of a TD Rewards Point

If you use Expedia for TD, the TD Reward Points are valued at $0.005 each and must be cashed in 10,000 steps to a value of $50 per 10,000 points. Repayment value changes if you cash in or if you use the "Post as you like" feature. Tax and fee coverage? constant value? transferable to/from other reward programmes?

There is more than one carrier in the "Can the points be used retrospectively? Yes, you can make a reservation with any carrier and use your TD Reward pointsYes, the points can be used up to 90 day after your TD booked with your TD cardNo, TD points do not forfeit as long as your bankroll is open.

Once you have closed your TD balance, you will have 90 working nights from the date of closing to cash in your TD points for trips that have already been debited to your balance. TD Awards has become one of the most versatile reward programmes in Canada. TD Returns provides great versatility, as you can book through any vendor with the "Book Any Way" onboard.

Once you have booked the trip with your debit or debit cards, you will have 90 working day to cash in points and get a full refund. Allows you to use points for purchasing your trip either on-line or over the telephone by talking to a TD Reward Professional. TD Reward also has an on-line tourist office where you can use points to make bookings.

You can also use TD Reward Points to buy a wide range of goods, such as electronic goods, gifts and equipment, but if you use your Rewards for goods, you will get less value per point than if you would use the points to make a trip booking. Partnering with Expedia for TD increases the programme's versatility and allows you to take comfortable flight with the added benefit of earning 9 award points for every buck you spend on Expedia trips.

You can use TD points to pay your tax and surcharges. To maximise your TD Reward, the best way is to use the TD First Class Visa Infinite for your Expedia for TD-travellers. This way you get 9 points per buck you spend, plus, you can cash the points you have just made against the buy you have just made.

You will also earn an additional 1,000 TD points if you use Expedia for TD to make bookings (this promotion is temporary and subject to change).

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