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Convert TD points to aircraft points A long timeframe TD point users but never got into the Aeroplan world. Consideration to exchange the First Class Infinite for a TD Aeroplan car. Can I turn my TD points into Aeroplan points at a 4 to 1 ratio, I'm sure this has already been discussed in these boards (couldn't find anything), but is this a heist on the freeway or sane?

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Miles for only $0.02 per thou.

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Value of one flight mile

Miles' value in dollarsMiles' flexibilityCan miles be used to pay tax and tolls? The Aeroplan is one of the most appreciated fidelity programmes in Canada. There are many different Aeroplan credential types offered by a number of different financial institutions such as CIBC, TD and American Express, so make sure you do your research as the net per annum remuneration of each one varies.

What are your Aeroplan points for? It is important to make sure that Aeroplan "Miles" and "Points" are the same and are used in exchange. The plane will charge you a set number of miles depending on the area you fly to. The highest value for your air miles on average is when you fly to Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific.

Aeroplan points can be redeemed in the long distance Canada & Continental USA which only needs 25,000 miles. This is the method we used to calculate the mean value of a flying mile: After you have finished the scan for a target that is 1 months, 3 and 6 monitors away, the next stage is to redo the scan for three targets within the same area.

Have a look at our Aeroplan itinerary below as an example. Please have a look at how we have computed the mean value of a flight distance by downloading this table. Tax and charges paid? Applicable to other reward schemes? Yes, with Aeroplan you can use your miles to cover your tax and tolls.

No. The value of your Aeroplan points changes with many different parameters such as your destinations and seasonalism. Yes, you can use selected reward programmes to earn points. Is it possible to use the dots afterwards? Expiry date of the points? Please note: Air Canada is the only carrier available for market fares. No. You must use your points at the moment of purchasing.

Yes, if you are 12 month in a row idle on your Aeroplan accounts, your Aeroplan points are forfeited. The addition of market fare to fixed-mileage services makes Aeroplan's fidelity programme more agile than in other years. However, unlike other reward programmes where you have the freedom to buy from any website and just delete the buy with points from your bank statement, there is plenty of room for improvements.

One frequent objection to Aeroplan's Fixed Mileage programme is the level of complexity of getting the desired flights on the desired time. Air Canada allocates a certain number of seating for each of its flights to clients using Aeroplan awards. When you have a fixed route, you must make a point booking well in advance or in low seasons.

Although they have implemented market fares to alleviate this issue, the market fare is only suitable for Air Canada and can sometimes charge you more Aeroplan points. However, Aeroplan has some major advantages that we believe help to increase our agility within the Aeroplan Reward Programme. Aeroplan's reward programme is not ideal, but if used in a strategic way, it can help you reduce your travelling expenses by as much as $100.

With the Aeroplan programme you can now use your miles for tax, charges and supplements. When you choose to use your points without paying tax, the value of your points remains unchanged (we have taken them into consideration when calculating the value of a flight mile).

But if you decide to use your airline miles to pay your tax, the value of your points may differ. Your airline mileage value will depend on which awards you use your airline miles for. Mathematics for calculating the mean value of a flight distance can be found in the "Value of miles" register.

A number of airlines give you very little value for your miles and if you think you will be flying in the near term, it is definitely a good idea to save your miles for more expensive goals. This article discusses various technologies to help you maximise the value of your airline miles.

Utilize these as a benchmarks and, if possible, only use Aeroplan if the value quoted is near or above the benchmarks. It is January 13, 2015 and we are trying to make a reservation for a plane from Toronto to New York LaGuardia Airport: We can find a one-way ticket on the kayak that costs $288 inclusive of tax and tolls.

By Aeroplan, a similar operation would require 20,000 linear unit and an additive $117. 56 in reaction and interest. Let's calculate the value we would get if we used our miles. As $0.0085 is well below the bench mark of $0.0120, we should use our air miles for better value trips in the near-term.

If you use your miles in the above scenarios, you will still be saving $110. 44, so if you have no upcoming trips in your schedules, it may be in your interest to use your miles, albeit at a lower value. The miles required for some areas are more valuable than others.

Many Aeroplan passengers consider commercial air travel to be a more costly alternative with higher uptime. The reality is, however, that national and international air travel is often a better offer than a fixed mileage itinerary. There is no additional tax on petrol, which significantly reduces the tax burden.

Also with the higher demands on distance travelled, these commercial rate services can give you more value for your air miles. E.g., when we were looking for a plane from Toronto to Montreal, a fixed-mile trip was 15,000 miles + $168. 02 for Tax. There was a 20,000 mile price ticket + $73 the same date. 10 for Tax.

When redeeming your miles for the Fixed Mileage Award, you will earn $0.003 per mis. When you use your miles for the market price ticket, you will get $0,007 per thou. Usually, short-haul air travel does not offer great value for your airline miles, but in this case you can use Aeroplan at a higher value when you buy the market fare itinerary.

Before you decide on this method of cashing in, as always, calculate the value of your airline miles and check it against the benchmarks. Let's look at an example where we are considering using our miles for a voucher for Air Canada. We' d like to check the value of the voucher against the miles you need, as shown in our Airline Awards table below:

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