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TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite Card Get 3 points for every $1 you spend (1.5% back in rewards). Score 9 points for every $1 of travel spend (4.5% in rewards) on Expedia for TD bookings. Entrance to specific travel, dining and entertaining services through Visa Infinite.

A travel and purchasing policy with which you can safely buy and schedule your next journey.

Items that never lapse and can be used with any carrier or travel agent - no blaouts or limitations. Become the first to rate this map! Bounties and rebates are two things TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite is all about. You begin with 20,000 Welcome Points, which are well spent for your first First Class Travel experience.

TimeD and visas want their passengers to think they can travel in comfort, and they do it pretty well. By discounting on: rental car,...this map could give you on your next luxurious holiday - at an economical price - before you know it.

And one thing that really sets this one apart from the competition is the possibility of up to 4.5% in premiums. That' s what you make when you travel through Expedia for TD, which has all the same offers and features as normal Expedia. So, every travel you make, you could spend 9 points per $1 to go on your next journey.

The points never lapse and can be used for: any carrier, any travel purchases, goods, as a deposit into your TD Travel Cr. C. acc. accounts. As this is a Visa Infinite Visa Cards, there are more discounts. In addition to the 24/7 concierge service, you get entry to: the Visa Infinite Luxury Hotel Collection - which you can use in over 900 establishments around the world, and.... the Visa Infinite Dining Series with exquisite dining, travel, food, travel, fun and sport offerings.

Ships with $120 annuity and a fairly high $60K minimal earnings requirements ($100K for family).

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