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I' m always redirected to tdrewards and can't click through to book a trip. Travel Value With S Visa Card. I' m booking my trip via Expedia for TD, I earn three times as many points. This happens all the time with "reward cards" and frequent flyer programmes.

"There are no known problems with the website. Please call our TD Rewards Help Center at 1-888-315-0603 to help resolve any inaccuracies. ^AP"

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First-Class Visa Infinite TD: 40,000 bonus points and first year free

There was a great deal on the TD First Class Visa Infinite 40,000 bonus points and the first year for free. The TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite* Cards give you a welcome bonus of 20,000 TD points when your request is valid. You can earn an extra 20,000 TD points AND the first year's annual fee for the first year' membership will be refunded by TD if you spent $1,000 on purchases on your membership cards within the first 90 calendar days of opening your account!

You can find out more about the value of your Rewards points on the TD Rewards website at, according to the kind of map you have. You can find out how much your points are earned if you have a TD Infinite, Platinum or Classic Traveller Award cardholder.

You can also use TD points to partially or fully cover your journey. Use TD Points on-line via Expedia For TD for airfare, hotel, rental cars, holiday packs and more. You can still use your TD debit cards to make a journey buy. If you use TD points for all or part of your journey, you will be credited on your TD debit note equal to the TD points used for your purchases.

All 10,000 TD points equals $50 off Expedia For TD expenses. This is the map here.

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