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List-Rules Any website that saves you money on your travels. List-Rules Any website that saves you money on your travels. You travel in a hurry for an emergency?

Now many travel sites show the same price

When you plan your holiday trip, you probably check a number of travel websites, looking for the best offer for a property or resortw. Which site really has the best offerings? You may be surprised by a new review, which says that the kind of competitive environment we would have expected has largely disappeared as a consequence of M&As.

Usually, if you are looking for a good offer for a match or a resort, you can begin to enter your data on Orbitz or Expedia, two of the largest tour operators. Maybe you' re checking out Trivago,,, or a place that's making a name for itself on TV these day. However, a new Consumers Checkbook Advisory Group article says that much of the rivalry is an "illusion".

He says that many of the most important sites are now held by two businesses, either Expedia or Booking Holdings, owners of, and formerly known as Priceline (the Priceline sites still exist, but the name of the group of owners has changed). Expedia has its" competitors" in the market, namely Travelocity,, Orbitz and Trivago.

Consumer checkbook says as a resul, many of these websites have a tendency to show the same hotels and airfares because they all go to the same data base to get their results. To spend a lot of your free computer resources on several pages just to find the same flight or accommodation price in the end seems to be a complete wastage.

Consumer Checkbook says that the data of your journey is much more different than the travel website that you use to make the itinerary. It is therefore essential to try different appointments before booking. Lastly, if you choose a location, look directly on the website of the property. They may find that they have a better deal than any of the consolidators, especially if you become a member of their reward scheme, and in this case don't squander your Money.

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