Ticket Agent

booking agent

How much does a Ticket Agent in your area earn? Aerodrome Customer Service - Ticketing/Gate Agents. 4, 181.00 - Reservations and transport of tickets and travel agencies

Making and confirming transport or accommodation bookings or selling fares. Can register luggage and guide travellers to a specific hall, landing stage or route, hand over airline ticket, call individual or group to let them know about packages, or supply tourist information about it. Tracking customer luggage that has been dropped, late or misrouted.

Talk to the customer to identify their needs and tastes. Find out whether there is room available for the trip data desired by the customer and assign the desired places if these are available. Compilation and issuance of the necessary documents such as e-mails, e-mails, tickets, tour insurances or itinerary. Provide your costumers with important information about your trip, e.g. travelling time, transport links or information requiring a doctor's certificate or visas.

Making and confirming transport and accommodation bookings by telephone, fax, post and computer. Supporting the customer in the preparation of the necessary trip documentation and application form. Offer your travellers proposals and information resources such as guidebooks, catalogues, brochures/charts. You should consult your customer or agency to inform them of changes in the terms of the trip or to make a reservation.

Advertisement for specific holiday destination, package and other holiday service. Knowledge of the principals and procedures for the provision of client and personnel service. Knowledge of the texture and contents of the British languages as well as the meanings and orthography of words, composing regulations and diction.

Computer and electronics - knowledge of printed circuits, CPUs, chips, electrical devices and computer hard- and softwares, application and coding. Government Safety - Knowledge of the devices, guidelines, procedures as well as policy to support efficient community, state or nationwide safety measures to protect individuals, information, property as well as organizations.

Transport - Knowledge of the policies and methodologies for the carriage of passengers or goods by either plane, train, sea and/or truck, and of the associated cost and benefit. Geo-Geography - Knowledge of principals and methodologies to describe the properties of terrestrial, marine and atmospheric matter, as well as their properties, location, interrelationships and distributions of flora, fauna and the population.

Psycology - knowledge of personal behaviour and achievement; personal skills, personalities and interests; study and motivational; research methodology; and the evaluation and management of behavioural and mood disorder. Appearing for the general public or working directly with it - Appearing for the general population or interacting directly with the general publics. These include the service of the customer in a restaurant or shop and the reception of the customer or guest.

Receive information - observe, receive and otherwise obtain information from all pertinent resources. Evaluate information to establish compliance - Based on information and assessments, we assess whether an event or process complies with the law, regulation or standard. Make choices and resolve issues - analyze information and evaluate results to select the best solutions and resolve issues.

Building and nurturing interpersonal relations - building and cultivating mutually beneficial and collaborative working relations with others. Communication with Outside the Organisation - Communication with outside persons who represent the organisation to clients, the general community, the authorities and other outside resources. General Corporeal Activity - Perform bodily activity that requires significant use of your hands and feet to move your entire system, such as rock-limbing, hoisting, balance, walking, bending, and material use.

Update and use of relevant know-how - Stay up to date and bring new know-how to your work. Information document/recording - Entering, transliterating, capturing, storing or managing information in writing or electronic/magnetic notation. Assist and caring for others - Provide individual help, health advice, emotive help or other individual guidance to others such as employees, clients or clients.

Analyze Information or Information - Identify the basic principle, reason or fact of information by splitting information or in part. Carrying out administration activities - carrying out day-to-day administration duties such as managing information assets and handling hard copy. Companion ExperienceSome prior professional skills, know-how or experiences are generally required.

Jobs often include using your expertise and abilities to help others. Self-control - Job demands calmness, control emotion, control rage and avoid aggression, even in very challenging work. Reliability - Work demands reliability, responsibility, reliability and commitment. Attentiveness to detail - Job demands care in detail and thoroughness in the execution of work missions.

Collaboration - Work demands a good working environment and a good-natured, collaborative approach. Stresstoleranz - The work demands to accept critique and to deal quietly and efficiently with high stressful work. Socially orientated - The profession demands that you prefer to work with others rather than alone and that you are in personal contact with others in the workplace.

Intrusiveness - Work demands honesty and ethics. Adaptability - Work demands openness to changes (positive or negative) and great diversity in the workspace. Caring for others - Work demands sensitivity to the needs and emotions of others and compassion and helpfulness at work. Perseverance - Work demands perseverance in the face of barriers.

Initiatives - Job demands readiness to take responsibility and challenge. Analytic Thought - Job involves analysing information and using reasoning to tackle work-related questions and concerns. Self-sufficiency - Job demands that you develop your own ways, lead yourself with little or no oversight and rely on yourself to do things.

Leader - Job demands readiness to manage, take responsibility and give opinion and brief. Acchievement / efficiency - Job demands the definition and maintenance of personal performance targets and the endeavour to accomplish assignments. Inventiveness - Work demands creativeness and alternate thought to create new ways of developing and responding to work-related issues.

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