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Booking tickets and hotels

Routes and hotel reservations for each country She was very helpful and her outstanding client services lived up to my requirements. I' ve got exactly what I wanted and now I'm sure I'll make it through my face-to-face with you. In any case, I highly commend the services, because they are real and cheap! Thanks for booking my flights and the hotel my request for a visas was succesful.

Thank you for your outstanding services. They cleared my visas. Last Wednesday in Houston I requested the permit and collected my pass with the permit on Monday. Our customerservice is very good.

Arab Emirates | Dubai International Airport | Before you leave

You can use this service: Dubaï¬a Connect can also be provided in other cases. Different regulations may be applicable based on the date on which the tickets were purchased, the price of the ticket and the ticket chosen by the place of departure and the first available ticket from the through-city. These services are dependent on availabilty.

Once you have made your booking on line, you can make the Dubai Connect booking on-line by registering under'Manage Booking'. Please be aware that better air links can be displayed, i.e. long stopovers cannot be compensated if you do not select routes with the best available connecting times.

When you have travelled through a tour operator, please direct your operator to arrange this on your name if your itinerary/fares are appropriate. It is only available to 18 and over and is only available in Dubai. If you are under 18 years of age you are traveling with another person over 18 years of age you may use this servic.

Itineraries must be on a ticket. You may be asked for a charge for the use of hotel amenities (e.g. minibar, spas or restaurants) during your booking as well. This does not cover free meal service provided by the hotel during your Dubai Connect sojourn.

Any of these costs must be covered at the moment of the services, before leaving the hotel or as indicated by the hotel. General terms and conditions apply to this item, in particular for travel to Dubai and the UAE.

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