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Railway tickets are booked in cooperation with Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation Ltd. On-line film ticket bookings for Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu and other regional films shown in your area in Chennai. Resolve all your booking needs. No tickets available for cancellation. Assistance in booking NSW TrainLink tickets.

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Excellent 24x7 Dedicated Help Line and over 5 million enthusiastic clients & still expanding. India's Leading Online Travel Company and was founded in 2000 and is becoming increasingly strong. Rail, flight, accommodation and vacation reservations via the desk top or cell phone site are a pleasant, customer-friendly booking and you can close your booking with just a few snaps.

Since 2000 you can reserve your railway ticket at India's premier railway-agency. Find the best fares for your ticket booking. Immediate alerts provide up-to-date track information, immediate ticket changes, astonishing rebates and many other interesting functions.

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Can I book a ticket? Booking a ticket allows passengers to search for a certified mooring in the chosen category of trains. You can book your ticket in two ways: at the ticket office or by booking your ticket on line. A unique PNR (Passenger Name Record) is created for each ticket that has been reserved.

How is the general procedure for booking rail passes on line? In India, you can book your ticket directly through the IRCTC website (an Indian Railways subsidiary) or through IRCTC lices. The user must choose the origin and arrival railway station (s), choose a specific move, verify the ticket availabilty, enter the passengers' data (name/s, ages, sex, mooring preferences and meals preferences) and then go to the billing portal.

On-line booking of the ticket is completed with your purchase. sSMS and e-mail are sent to the users registration data. Which is an assistant ticket booking? It is a new approach in which the users are supported by an expert IRCTC-licensed agents when booking tickets for trains on line.

By assisting with the booking of your ticket, 90% of your booking stresses are reduced. If, for example, no first class ticket is available, the agents will quickly suggest an alternate ticket (with as good service and to match the itinerary) with high uptime. Which restrictions apply to the on-line booking of railway passes?

India's railways offer more benefits for those who are willing to buy a ticket at the ticket offices. Travellers who buy a ticket at a ticket office can choose from various contingents and discounts. Many of these are not available for booking rail passes on line. When booking rail passes on line, the user can only choose the contingents for seniors and ladies and the associated discounts.

It is also not possible to book tickets on line for many crossborder rail services. What kind of documentation or identity cards are needed to book tickets on line? There is no need for the user to enter ID data when booking a ticket.

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