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The new online travel agency managers redesign their company There has been a change at the top of online travel management and the top three CEO' s are realigning their businesses to face the challenge of today and the future. Most recently, Jane Sun was co-president of Ctrip, Glenn Fogel led the global strategic and strategic development of the Priceline Group and Mark Okerstrom was long-time CFO of Expedia Inc.

However, in a string of incidents that began at the end of 2016, all three became the chief executive officers of their businesses. Mr. Sun became Chief Executive Officer in November 2016, Mr. Fogel took over on January 1, 2017, and Mr. Okerstrom took over in September 2017. The three are beginning to make their mark on the businesses in their own image.

Probably the greatest changes so far are from Fogel at Priceline Group and Sun at Ctrip. Speaking in a recent oversight, Fogel said to an investor and analyst that the Priceline Group, Google's leading travel retailer and growing to its present scale, is reconsidering its online marketing strategies and planning to put more focus on TV-spots.

We have countless good reason to change Fogel's strategies. Mr Foggel said it was in the company's interest to establish a personal relationship with its clients so that they could come directly to or its affiliate He would also like to see how clients download and use's and Kayak's applications so that these affiliates don't have to keep buying Google or others to win back people.

This is not about the Priceline Group giving up the use of electronic media, but about the enterprise planning to weaken it in favour of television. As part of a related policy, Fogel said Priceline Group will reduce its spending on non-specified third-party channel advertisements as some of these businesses - probably Trivago, TripAdvisor and Google included - use revenues to competing with Priceline.

Fogel's business has definitely streamlined its ad through Expedias Trivago, and TripAdvisor has found that some of its advertisers are cutting their TripAdvisor spend. Sun expands the country's leading online travel organization beyond Asia at Ctrip in China. After Priceline, Ctrip is already the second online travel agency in the word.

Sun, the lonely lady at the head of one of the three major online travel agencies, informed in November 2016 that Ctrip has acquired Scotland-based aviation Meta-Scan. Skyscanner's target site review and the review engine created by Skyscanner and Skyscanner are both improving Skyscanner's target site review and social media. It also redesigned the estate and turned it into a reduced English edition of Ctrip, packed with air, accommodation and rail offers.

Ctrip now has two English-language pages, and the latest,, is a re-branding of Ctrip for website users. As part of this line of relocations, Sun expands Ctrip's worldwide presence and extends its long-standing commitment beyond service to the People. A further highlight was Okerstrom's announcement that Expedia will refrain from major acquisition in the near term in favour of organism.

Expedia, like Ctrip in 2015 and 2016, purchased almost everything that was not pinned down. Expedia had Wotif, Travelocity, Orbitz Worldwide, HomeAway and others. As part of Okerstrom's new policy, the firm is planning to promote further expansion from its current portfolios, which include,, HomeAway, the Expedia Affiliate Network and Egencia, unless Expedia receives an offering that it cannot reject or sees a prospective purchase that is simply too tempting to decline.

When Okerstrom stands by its promise to grow "disproportionately" inward rather than through acquisitions, Expedia could profit from the increased refocus. After the takeover in 2015, Expedia came across the Orbitz Worldwide merger and experienced a slump in the number of rooms in hotels. By further incorporating HomeAway and Trivago's challenge on his table, Okerstrom wants to prevent missteps and distraction.

Founder travelers and other businesses that have been looking to Expedia for a possible withdrawal policy must therefore be courted among the relatively small number of prospective applicants with large acquisition sourcing. He also said he plans to concentrate more on improving Expedia's business, focusing on subscribing to more properties in major domestic stores around the globe rather than necessarily add new to them.

Okerstrom says that trips and activity may now earn a higher ranking than under the former mode, as he is juggling with Expedia's to-do series. As Sun and Fogel are already celebrating their first anniversary at their new performances and Okerstrom are getting settled, it is clear that their present day challenge is forcing them to move forward and make clear break with what their forerunners have achieved.

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