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All our journals are distributed by tourism experts (travel agents and organizers). All our journals are distributed by tourism experts (travel agents and organizers). Over time, our know-how has grown throughout the United States and Canada. The purpose of our office in France and Germany, as well as our representatives in Italy, Germany and Eastern Europe, is to present our service to you comfortably and to support you in your inquiries.

U.S. Travel and Tourism Advisory Board

It is the U.S. Secretary of Commerce's advisor to the United States Department of Commerce on behalf of the U.S. state. It provides advice to the secretary on U.S. U.S. travel and tourism policy and programmes, provides advice on topical and upcoming topics, and provides a platform for discussion and proposal of responses to industry-specific challenges.

The Ministry of Commerce is currently looking for members of the Board. Past- Boards have advised Trade Ministers on a broad variety of tourism and tourism sector related topics, which include facilitating travelling, visas, infrastructure, air safety, research, fuel efficiency and economical viability, as well as providing invaluable guidance on national tourism and tourism strategy.

The Executive Board's recommendation is published on this website. It is composed of up to 32 members nominated by the Minister of Economic Affairs. Its members include representatives of businesses and organisations in the tourism and tourism sector from a wide variety of goods and service offerings, business size and geographical area. As a rule, the members have a two-year mandate.

Initially the board was rented in 2003 and rented seven flights due to the need of the department for continuous consulting by industrialists. The last charter was in 2017. Acting Deputy Secretary for Travel and Tourism, he acts as Executive Director of the Board. National Travel and Tourism Bureau acts as Executive Secretariat for the Board.

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