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We are a full-service travel agency specializing in both business and leisure travel. The First National Travel is your one-stop travel portal that gives you access to everything you need for smooth travel planning. By using our services you receive a personal service like no other online travel agency. is a leading travel agency for Lancaster & in the area.

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Cruising is a great way to see several places in one holiday! There are a wide range of Cruises like Windstar, Disney, Royal Caribbean, Gemini and more! We' re saving you a lot of valuable resources in choosing the right cruising line and route by providing you with loans on the boat and excluding your personal saving!

European luxury and luxury fashion boutiques, New York City luxury and New York City luxury properties around the globe.... Book your accommodation with us for your next visit and get your own personal discount and comforts. Save yourself the trouble of travelling for work and let our company representatives fulfil all your travel needs from flight and accommodation bookings to car-hire.


Journey around the globe or through the states with one of the most knowledgeable travel agents in the region. So the more you know about the possibilities of a travel agency, the better your travel plans can be. Today, our travel consultants are prepared to help you with everything you need to travel - and things you may not have thought of.

We know how to take charge of all your travel preparations. This is a computerised booking system with 24/7 availability of flight plan information for thousands of airlines worldwide. Possibility of finding the cheapest rates available at the moment of your booking and the possibility of suggesting alternative itineraries that would lead to less rarity.

This is a tariff monitoring system that searches for a lower tariff up to the moment the ticket is valid. It should also be able to agree upon preferential rates for group, sightseeing or advertising trips. Immediate computer system availability to ensure you a place to sit until the last seats are available for sale.

Possibility to make reservations up to 11 month before the date of your arrival and to fulfil your wishes or your diet. Get to Amtrak, Britrail and other rail connections around the globe, plus the option to purchase, validate and even cancel your ticket.

Possibility to make and validate bookings for accommodation in thousand of establishments around the globe and give you in-depth description of accommodation that meets your needs, no matter peculiar. Possibility to rent a vehicle from all large vehicle hire companies around the globe with information on more than 500 vehicle models, as well as tariffs, kilometre fees and return fees.

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