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Offering stunning adventures and exquisite service to travelers all over the globe. There is a wide range of excursions, from weekends and pail lists to multi-stop excursions, where you can find the ideal destination. A personal travel tip: Keep your spirit and your eye open for any kind of adventure. A must-have travel gear: The most interesting travel story:

And thank goodness for travel insurance! You are learning more about yourself and the culture of the whole wide globe.

Is there an "e-ticket" that I have to have printed out if I buy a flight from an on-line travel agency?

An" electronic ticket" or an" e-ticket" is not a natural object, but only an input in a computer system. From a technical point of view, you do not need to make a printout. There' s always the possibility that something goes awry, either when you book or when you fly, and a hard copy with the full information about your flight (including your reservation acknowledgment number and e-ticket number) can certainly help in these cases.

If you book more than one carrier, the first carrier may not be able to see all the flight information on their computer when they are on another carrier. And the second is if you're travelling the world. You will need to present a flight or transfer flight to survive migration in many destinations, and in some cases the carrier will also need to see the flight detail before you take the outward flight (if the flight is on a different ticket).

While it is sufficient to get a hard copy of your travel agent/website/etc., it is always better to have a hard copy of the e-ticket yourself. There are a few possibilities when it comes to printing. Anything the travel website has given you is probably fine - just make sure it contains the Confirmation Number or Record Locator Number (usually a 5-6-digit alphanumeric sequence, such as Y7EMM4) AND your e-ticket number (usually a 13-14-digit number).

Often you will also find on the website the possibility to printout your e-ticket and/or your receipts, which usually contain the corresponding information. Try the airline's website if you can't find a place on the reservation website that offers you a neat copy to use. They should be able to look up the reservation on their website with your confirmation number, and they will normally be able to see or even printout your reservation information, which normally includes the e-ticket number.

When your journey involves several carriers, you may need to do this on each of their sites to get all the detail.

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