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6 pages that curate the accommodation options so you don't have to Recently I signed in to (Vacation Rent by Owner) just to turn my mind on the length of his list - 180,000 homes around the world. I almost gave up browsing through (145,000 establishments in more than 60 countries) and (over 100,000 short-term rentals in 192 countries).

Then, I came across, a site containing 200 or so nicely pictured small owned buildings, guesthouses and homes - a slender list of homes that seemed so stunningly styled that the target seemed secondarily. The DesignTripper is one of several recently-curated websites that offer an alternate to these never-ending listings on major websites.

"You can find all the company properties on the big bookings websites, but if you want to find the lodge, holiday home, B&B or holiday home, it's really hard," says Meghan McEwen, founders. This is followed by six locations that offer a tailor-made accommodation range from bizarre to slim.

Warned: The pages differ widely in pricing and geographic reach and provide a varying degree of usability. Not even the rates are included. This website provides a compilation of exceptional accommodation as "temporary accommodation for smart nomads". The traveller who enjoys fancy places and real estate, like a monastery in Corsica, completely with a baroque band (price is negotiable).

This site is also good for price-conscious travellers - a "Cheap and Chic" section contains one of the oldest houses in Kyoto for $144 per city. GENEOGRAPHICANGE geneographicange 166 lettings and 35 properties in 33 lands. Founded in 1993 as a management consultancy for 10 modern German design properties, Design Hotel today offers a wide variety of artistically decorated properties.

Recently, the enterprise launched a new experiment: pop-up-hostels. Until October, the pop-up is a Mykonos redecorated by Design Hotel's and the rooms begin at 120? or $153, at $1.26 per dollar. Most importantly, BEST FOR The five-star traveller who wants class and values a website that reflects this sensitivity.

Enter your travel address and details and a hotel listing will appear with rates and a "Book Now" button. Although many objects are well-known shop-in-shops, the video clips that accompany them, which have been created with atmospheric sound and dazzling photos, are tempting. GENEOGRAPHICANGE 220 geneographicange 220 hotel in 41 contries. Sumptuous photos and blog-like posts exploring the intersections of travel and travel in " independent " hostels, B&Bs andns.

Features including Podere Palazzo, a five bed roomed, five roomed, endless swimming pool in Tuscany, from $4,450 per wk and Casa Ninamu, a reed-roofed jungle/beach house in Mexico from $400 per nig. The BEST FOR design-mad travellers who, as the website says, are more interested in "well thought-out design" than in "whirlpools in the room".

" It is a page for webbrowser, not for travellers looking for a fast book. The pictures are compelling and the comment is thought-provoking, but the posting, which is not done through the site, is not simple, with hyperlinks to the websites of the real estate often bury in the text.

GENEOGRAPHICANGE 200 geneographicange 200 real estate in 39 different locations, from the USA to Uganda. On the site's website reviews visit the property, followed by a visit from a group of unknown guests and families reporting on the above mentioned fashion boutiques, luxurious spa, guest houses and rural guest houses, including an eighteenth c. stonehouse with high-tech designs in Wales (from 480 for a long week-end or 780 for $1.55 per pound) and a four-bedroom beachside in Australia for $750 per dollar per person, roughly the same in US $8.

The BEST FOR Travelers who like "insider ratings" and member discounts (the "BlackSmith" free subscription brings you champagne, lates check-in and pick nick baskets, while the "SilverSmith" with 60 dollars per year also offers a 50 per cent discount on select hotel in the monthly period in which they are presented on the website). 950 real estate in 65 different locations, from the Maldives to Mexico.

The main emphasis here is on B&B boutiques and luxurious rental deals, especially in Europe. It has 14 B&B features available in the UK alone, one a mansion in the Cotswolds with a croquet turf and a swimmingpool which costs 50 per night per st. The BEST FOR Travelers, who prefers the privacy of living in a foreign home, be it with the local host, at breakfasts or when hiring a fully equipped host.

GENEOGRAPHICANGE 140 geneographicange 140 buildings in 14 mainly western states. Established by two world traveling Berliners, this site provides accommodation with personality: a six bed room mansion with cliffs in Phuket, Thailand, costing 1.338 Euro per overnight stay (including cook), and a cosy cabin in the woods in Sweden without the cost of eletrtrtr. 44 Euro. THE BEST FOR The adventure -seeking traveller who appreciates the extraordinary - on eccentricity borders - collecting of real estate like palaces, Yurt and treehouses.

Real estate is reserved through the website by contact with the administrator of each location - not ideal for those customers who are anxious for immediate satisfaction with the on-line book. GEOGGRAPHIC REAL geoggraphic real estate - Around 100 real estate objects in almost 30 different locations, from South Africa to Morocco.

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