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Flights and fares There is also a comfortable selection of Aussie flights, all of which are available through our Flightizard. You can use the current fare and availabilities assistant for a number of carriers, choose from low-cost flights, send yourself an e-mail quotation or make a booking online. By having the best flights of the big carriers, we are able to provide very competitively priced flights.

It is recommended that you make your reservation with us as part of your reservation to make sure that both are available for your desired time. To find your favorite accomodation, please search our website and then click the Quick Offer pushbutton to start your offer assistant. When you choose to make a reservation from your offer, fill in your requests and our advisors can validate your accommodations before making your reservations.

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Flights are operated worldwide by various carriers such as Air New Zealand, Fiji Airways, Air Vanuatu, Emirates, Hawaiian Airline, Malaysia Airline, Thai Airways, Qantas and Virgin Australia. It' s possible to get some low-cost flights internationally, but you have to watch out for the sale and be ready to track them down quickly when you find them.

The majority of Australia's large towns such as Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane offer an extensive range of flights, with the number of direct flights from these destinations growing each year. However, there are also optional flights to other destinations that allow you to make stopovers at other places so that you can see more during your holiday.

It is possible to fly internationally on both short-haul and long-haul routes, with short-haul flights usually being low-cost flights. One example of intercontinental short-haul flights is Australia to New Zealand or Fiji, while they travel to another destination, the distances are much closer. One example of long range flights internationally is Australia to the USA or the UK, which is a long trip and often entails an over-night stay.

Flights abroad includes catering and in-flight maintenance. Passports are required for travel abroad and air travelers are required to comply with regulations on air port-security, migration and custom. Low-cost flights still provide a fairly large free luggage space, however. Travellers on intercontinental short-haul flights may check in 7 kg of hand luggage and 1-2 items of luggage of 23 kg or 32 kg, according to the category of the cab.

Long-distance flights also allow 7 kg of hand luggage, but provide a more spacious free luggage of at least two items with a weight of 23 kg and a total of 2-3 items with a weight of 32 kg.

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