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Reduced hotel packages for silent auctions. The Solo Trekker offers a variety of travel packages for individuals and single travellers. Discover our selection of Greece holiday packages. Planning a trip to Williamsburg, VA? We have Reds Spring Training Travel Packages available now!

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Sheraton Old San Juan is a charming, sophisticated resort in the centre of scenic Old San Juan, a town that is as full of historical as it is cultural. The Comfort Suites offer a range of facilities and a lovely outside swimming area where you can unwind, gaze at the luxuriant green from the sun deck and indulge in a cocktail in a tropical environment at the swim-up/pub.

Coconut Bay Beach Resort and Spa covers an area of 85 hectares and is prominently located on the sea front on the southern coastline of Saint Lucia.

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Travelling China at its best with our well-designed China tours packages. You have the opportunity to prolong your sojourn in Shanghai for a few extra nights and enjoy the vibrant vibrancy of the vibrant Shanghai at your own speed, or perhaps even travel further to Hong Kong. It is possible to renew to Hong Kong. Athens, Santorini, Take an enchanting trip through the marvels of China on a 9-day journey to Beijing, Shanghai, Guilin and Xian.

Admire the Great Wall icon in Beijing, look at Xian's huge terracotta army and experience the gorgeous karstic landscapes of the Li River in Guilin - a quiet countryside that is popular in China's fine arts world. Finishing in vibrant Shanghai, where state-of-the-art spires, ancient monasteries and colorful architectural styles from the country's thriving city can be seen.

It is possible to extend to Hong Kong. Come with us on an epochal 12-night trip to China to see the best of this huge and fascinating country, past and present. Explore the busy city of Beijing, where towering towers of towering towers rise above antique huts, explore the impressive Great Wall and sailing along the historic Yangtze on a luxurious cruiser.

It is possible to extend to Hong Kong. Get to know China at its best with our well-designed China trip packages. Explore the towns of the Beijing, Xian and Shanghai Gold triangle and the contemporary Hong Kong town. Luxurious China trips at an unrivalled price. Discover China's riches on our China trips.

From Beijing, walk along the Great Wall, dive into intoxicating Shanghai and see the terracotta warriors stand watch in Xian, connecting them with the mystic landscape of Guilin and a stop in vibrant Hong Kong. From the timeless sounds of the terracotta army to the legendary Tiananmen Square in Beijing and the vibrant towns of Shanghai and Hong Kong, this still mysterious country combines old traditions with impressive Maoist architectural styles and sparkling twenty-first Century sky scrapers.

Drive through the forested hills of the powerful Yangtze, the third longest tributary stream in the wilderness, which stretches almost 4,000 kilometers through China's heartland and meanders through the gorge. Explore Thailand, one of Asia's most fascinating travel destination, on this 8-night trip - the ideal compilation of its unique features and story.

Enjoy the hectic pace and splendour of Bangkok with its golden buildings and swimming market, see the bridge over the Kwai River near Kanchanaburi and discover the remains of Siam's old capitol in the UNESCO World Heritage Site Ayutthaya. Finish your adventure in pulsating Pattaya on the Gulf of Thailand, with relaxing times on its sparkling sands.

Adapt your travel with an extra time to Taipei or Hong Kong. Bangkok, River Kwai, Ayutthaya, Pattaya, glowing sanctuaries, vibrant fairs and sumptuous buildings encounter luxuriant jungle and beautiful tropic shores on this memorable voyage to Bangkok and Phuket. Begin your adventures in Thailand's exciting capitol, with the chance to discover the colourful swimming market, golden shrine and other historic attractions.

Make your holiday something really unique by including our optionals trips and experiences: your Thailand holiday will be tailored to your own needs. Explore the frantic roads and gold temple of Bangkok before you slow down the tempo on the jewel-like Koh Samui on this 8-day orgy around Thailand.

Enjoy the bustling activity in Bangkok during a 4-night stopover and admire everything from the venerated Buddha sculptures to the Grand Palace, the notorious bridge over the Kwai River and the colorful Damnoen Saduak swimming school. Bangkok, Koh Samui, Experience Bangkok and Chiang Mai on our charming 7-day Thailand sightseeing trip.

Enjoy the attractions and sound of Bangkok for four days, visit attractions such as golden churches, swimming pools, and venture into the landscape to see the mythical bridge over the Kwai River. Pursue your journey here with a visit to Thailand's northerly capitol Chiang Mai, with its mystic sanctuaries, its wealthy Lanna legacy and its jungle-clad hill.

Experience old and new Thailand on this unforgettable 10 night trip through Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and more. Let yourself be enchanted by the hustle and bustle of the exciting Bangkok and experience the Grand Palace, buddhistic temple and colourful floral and swimming market. After discovering the Kwai River's renowned bridge and the Ayutthaya River remains under UNESCO protection, end in relaxed Chiang Mai, where mystic mound shrines and the opportunity to see the Golden Triangle, the place where Thailand, Myanmar and Laos meet, are waiting for you.

Explore three different sides of Thailand in a comprehensive 11-night vacation: the splendour of Bangkok, the misty Chiang Mai Mountains and the Phuket sands. Explore Thailand's capitol in four exciting day trips to gold-encrusted castles, buddhistic churches and swimming market. We continue to Chiang Mai, the land's north capitol, known for its Lanna legacy, its hillside temple and ancient jungle.

Explore three different sides of Thailand in a comprehensive 11-night vacation: the splendour of Bangkok, the shores of Phuket and the misty Chiang Mai Heights. Explore Thailand's capitol in four exciting day trips to gold-encrusted castles, buddhistic churches and swimming market. Eventually we go to Chiang Mai, the land's north capitol, known for its Lanna legacy, its temple of mounds and its vast jungle.

Explore Thailand's capitol and archipelago and combine the thrill of Bangkok with a relaxing stay on Koh Samui and Phuket. Bangkok for four evenings and enjoy the historical sights, lush buddhistic churches, pulsating evening market and the splendid Grand Palace. Journey to Thailand and China's capitol Beijing!

Visiting the shining temple of Bangkok, travel to the majestic Kwai River and mystic Ayutthaya, relaxing on the Pattaya beach and exploring the old Beijing town. Neonlit towns, swimming fairs, tropic shores and glimmering sanctuaries meet on an 11-day trip through Thailand and China. We will take in the fascinating capital of Beijing, the glittering castles and regal relicts of Bangkok before embarking on the palm-fringed sand of the pulsating Phuket.

Combination of two of the most fascinating South East Asian lands on this memorable 10-day trip to Thailand and Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). Soak up the glorious golden sanctuaries and swimming market of frantic Bangkok; explore the ruined ancient capitol of Ayutthaya; travel to Kanchanaburi to see the notorious World War II bridge on the Kwai River; and take an option to explore an elphant reserve.

Swimming market, tropic beach, gleaming temple and the charming Angkor Wat meet on a 9-day voyage through the best of Southeast Asia. Discover the riches of Thailand, from the busy Bangkok to the historical Kwai and Ayutthaya rivers to the palm-fringed sand of Pattaya. Bangkok, River Kwai, Ayutthaya, Pattaya, Siem Reap, Thailand and Hong Kong in an unforgettable tour.

Expect 10 nights exploring the old sanctuaries, stunning buildings, tropical animals and palm-fringed sands. Get into the contemporary Hong Kong metropolis and see the crossroads of Eastern and Western civilizations. The Asia trip includes Bangkok, the Kwai River, Ayutthaya, Pattaya and Hong Kong. Connect the attractions and Thailand's spirit with a trip to Taiwan on this 11-night-trip.

In Bangkok, with its swimming market, gold-plated churches and pulsating roads, you will see other Thai attractions such as the bridge of the Kwai River, Ayutthaya and Pattaya with their palm-fringed sands. Then you should end your Taiwan adventures, stay in the neon-lit city of Taipei and discover a country with ancient shrines, scenic drama and high-tech supermarket.

Make sure you can personalize your holiday by taking one of our elective Thai and Taiwan Excursions and Excursions. This trip takes you from the tropical Thailand and Cambodia to the contemporary Hong Kong, from antique remains to urbanity.

Enjoy the shimmering temple and swimming market of Bangkok, discover the Kwai River and the relicts of King Ayutthaya, and relax on the Pattaya sands. Discover the contemporary town of Hong Kong and admire the fine art of China cooking. Discover Japan's high points and core countries on this 8-day trip, which includes its ultra-modern towns, antique monasteries, its tranquil landscape and its wealthy people.

Tokyo, Hakone, Mount Fuji, Kyoto, known as the "Land of the Arising Sun", Japan provides fascinating contrast, from twenty-first-century cities with high-rises and fluorescent lights to quiet shoguns, magnificent parks and ponds, delicious, cutting-edge food and a landscape of wildflowers. The pulsating Tokyo, artistic temple, quiet backyards and China's imperative city awaits you on this memorable 8-day trip to Japan and Beijing.

Then you will go to Beijing to see the sights such as Tiananmen Square and explore the amazing Great Wall of China, one of the great miracles of the game. Explore two of the most thrilling Far Eastern travel destination on a fascinating 11-day trip to Hong Kong and Japan.

Spend two evenings in electric Hong Kong to experience the unbelievable landscape, shops and restaurants before plunging into the wonderful and enigmatic Japan. Here you can visit the Cu Chi tunnels of the Vietnam War or discover the stilt cities, paddy fields and farmhouses of the luxuriant Mekong Delta and end with a dining trip on the Saigon River.

Discover Ubud's busy market, mystic temple and woodland reservations before setting off for one of the island's most scenic beaches.

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