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This amount is not approved and I believe it is TripAdvisor's travel booking in Sydney reference. TripAdvisor Support Forum - Accounting for Cards It would be better if you talked to your payment cardholder and filed a receivable with him. It seems to me that TripAdvisor has made this unauthorized accusation and you won't tell me why. So you can't travel or stay in a hotel, so it was a holiday home? There is no way for TA to debit your cardholder if you have NOT made a booking through TA.

Maybe you could have said that in your first answer instead of what looks like an automatically created default answer. I' m assuming the prosecution is a riddle? Have you made a reservation and found that this fee has turned up? As a Trip Advisor member like yourself, my answer (not an automatically created answer) was to do the most consequential thing an Australian customer would do if there was a burden on his badge that should not be there.

But if you think that wasn't helpful, that's good - but that's exactly what any regular user would do with a plastic banker. Other thing that no ordinary individual would do is use Trip Advisor to make a booking! Do not use agents who - as you have now found out - can use your coffee without your obvious cognizance.

When you' re not sure if you can find your way around a website and don't know who you're booking with - I think it would be better for you and your badge to go to a travelagent.

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for my June visit to Ireland. On that date I did not make a reservation or get an e-mail confirming it, and when I phoned them, they couldn't find anything either. Now, verifying my plastic cardboard, it shows Expedia with a gathering of lottery and I've contact my cardboard again and they're deed to wave at the merchandise aft digit era.

I' m still angry because they couldn't even find a route, because I won't do any more deals with Expedia. I' ve just been notified by Travel Reservation US about a $1,142 debit to my account. I hadn' t made any such charges when I phoned my map to warn them, they told me that this was an Orbitz indictment.

They said that I need a travel reservation verification number (which I obviously do not have as I did not make the reservation). Orbitz once in June I used to make a reservation for a room in a room and they clearly have safety problems.

You' re part ofxpedia. I made a booking withxpedia years ago,and it was a bad dream. This may not be a particularly good or useful answer from either of us, but it could well have been an indictment initiated by a criminal. They said it would take 24 hours to verify it and that they would send an e-mail as soon as they had verified it.

You never give me the verification information. They had taken $604 dollars from my plastic without confirming my reservation two days later. All of you don't use Exceledia. In the event that your debit has been made to your debit and you have not received what you payed, the deposit must be cancelled by the Central Claims Office.

"They had taken $604 from my credit cards two days later without confirming my reservation detail. "And what did Expedia say after you phoned her about it? Probably it is only a question of losing the reservation acknowledgement. Anyway, it has nothing to do with a fake indictment.

Probably you have noted your reservation credentials, so you have verified your reservation with Expedia, or you can simply log in with your passwords? A similar situation occurred to me in Australia - registered as Travel Reservations AU Sydney - no e-mail no detail - fortunately I canceled my order with a major international bank account and not with a direct Debit account.

I have never made such a reservation before or recently traveled to Sydney! There' s a bunch of fraud on the bottom of my map! This section shows the date of your payments and the amount of the payment/transaction. This section shows the transactional ID and other available information other than the transactional number.

You should immediately remove your contribution if the transactional information you provided in your contribution contains information about your bankroll, etc.

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