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Fraudulent Charges - BARGIN Travel Message Board for my June visit to Ireland. I' m so sorry I didn't look at the previous Travel Reservation US ratings. Yeah, travel booking US, billed my credit 23 $88 twice, I work with my credit to get it done.

An odd case of card fraud

It was hard to see why my bank balances were significantly lower than I had anticipated when I couldn't remember an extraordinarily enjoyable day's outing. Looking at the detailed bank statement information, it was obvious that there was a lot of cheating. All the deceptive groceries were for travel and entertainment.

Ok, I travel for a livelihood, but I have NEVER done anything with one of the traders who charged my bankroll. In fact, I do not use my credit cards for travel. USA travel booking (i.e. for two EXACTLY equal dollars on the same date, far surpassing every individual deal I have ever made; Pipeline Ticketing located in Lawrence, KS (sells MO and KS Event tickets) and ApplePay.

Apparently ApplePay has granted preliminary approval, but has not processed the transaction. Yes, I phoned the issuing bank, who told me that it would take 5 working hours to repay my current bankroll. Mr President, I know the problems and difficulties of Issuing Institution ('I am a former banker'), but as a user 5 working nights for a temporary loan for this amount in dollars is unacceptable.

What is even more disappointing is that the EBRD has not even started any questionable activities. If I hadn't had my accounts viewed for a few more than a few extra working day? Let's face it, the ordinary user doesn't look at his accounts every single second. Did they still want to authorize these large U.S. dollars deals to traders with whom I've never done deals that are in excess of my averages?

Wrongly, there are two other banks in the area that give NEXT DOY temporary approval for scam entitlements; what keeps me with this present one? All of this goes through my mind when I call the traders associated with the deceptive changes. Can' t just stop talking to my investment banking about the issue.

I waited 52 min and two transfer sessions later at, whose client services said: "We can't help you without a reservation confirmation" (which of course I didn't have because I didn't make a reservation), and eventually I spoke to a "supervisor". A further 15 mins to explain the scene (because she kept asking for a reservation number and asking me which carrier or what kind of accommodation the reservation was for), and another 15 mins in the queue, it was her turn.

You insisted that I should receive an email address (duh, no) or a verification number (uh, not even that). To be honest, I've never had an Expedia bankroll before, but today's record has sealed the deal: I never will. Obviously not Expedia. So after a cooling-off phase, I shouted pipeline ticketing in Lawrence, KS.

Thanks for telling me that the scammer who made nine different payments with my credit cards on your website also used accidental characters for my town ("GHGHGHGHGH" to be exact) and the postcode 88899. I thank you for quickly telling me that Pipeline's operations were rejected because the information did not correspond to the issuing bank's data.

Pipeline Ticketing Notification - if I need a ticket for a venue, you are my first call (with a new ticket number, which I can of course confirm). I' m wondering: If the information provided to Expedia by the "cardholder" was similar to that provided by Pipeline, then nothing mates.

This makes me very interested (and frustrated) what my issuing bank and Expedia used to approve the acquisitions. Where someone's out thanks to my number. Like I was recently recalled by a buddy, I am a user who' s being protected under regulation E, so I appreciate what the issuing bank is deciding to use as authentification is their proble.

The new problem: I try to recall which company I do deal with that credit cardnumber for automatic debit.

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