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The truth before you travel - thousands of undoctored hotel photos and the most comprehensive and professional hotel reviews in the world. "Love it or hate it, TripAdvisor is the father of hotel rating websites," says Mark. With Fodor's knowledgeable travel content, it's worth exploring so you can plan your next trip.

Consumers trends 2012

About half of all recreational travellers said they sought the opinion of other users on travel report pages, and a significantly higher proportion of those who have used a travel agency in the last 12 month also use travel report pages than those who have not used the agency's service (60% vs. 47%).

Among those who use travelogue websites, almost all said they had at least "some influence," and slightly more than one in five said they had "very much influence" on travel choice. Young travellers (21 to 35 years) seem to be most affected by these aspects. Over a third of those who use the travel rating pages rate them as "good" when it comes to giving precise and useful tips.

Report pages are also loved by more travellers, higher spending and higher-income customers, groups that also match the profiles of travel agency people. Others show similar results with regard to the prevalence and impact of review site use. District Hospitality Partners' CEO, District Hospitality Partners, an accommodation investments and administration firm, said most surveys show that customers use the rating pages to make purchasing choices, with between 60% and 88% saying that ratings affect their travel itineraries.

Our customers collect information from such websites as TripAdvisor," said W. Reed Atkins, CI Travel Co. in Norfolk, Va. However, he added, "these customers often reads contradictory assessments that return them to our agent for what they consider a more accurate first-hand view of a real estate or traveler.

" Mr. Gutman is VP of Sale, Branding and Income for the Library Hotel Collection, which has made TripAdvisor a key part of its merchandising activities. "TripAdvisor will be checked by the consumer and then booked through an agent," Gutman said. "We know that our travel agency affiliates use ratings before booking our hotel.

Indeed, an operative who was not in person at a resort would be advised to visit TripAdvisor. Reviewing gives more confidence to your sales representatives in advising your customers. "In the case of a hotelier, the rating pages are even seen as high-quality, high-spending customers similar to those of travel agencies.

Denihan Hospitality Group's CEO Danette Opczewski said: "A good relation with travel agencies is like a good relation with TripAdvisor; both offer high value for more. "Online reviews: It was difficult for hotelsThosen, who stated that travel review websites had "some" or "very much" an impact on their travel choice, to ask which shopping affected the websites.

For those affected by the rating pages, the dominating acquisitions were non-resort properties (65%) and residential properties (61%), with all-inclusive properties a remote third (37%). The other travel buying was much less affected by rating pages, with 22% flights, 19% holidays and package holidays and 14% rental cars. Ratings were so important for properties that for a while there seemed to be a move towards property companies that publish third-party ratings on their own pages, but this has not been gaining momentum.

Denihan, who early on published TripAdvisor ratings directly on the homepage of one of his properties, downplayed this notion. "As TripAdvisor became important for the first time, we wanted our visitors to be able to share their experience," Opczewski said. We do, however, follow our TripAdvisor ranking as a determinant of our directors' bonus.

"TripAdvisor is a great sales tool because we can build a relationship with those who publish review. "Parse by AgeAge was the biggest demographical differentiating factor among travelers. The 21-34 year olds' review site had "some influence" for 67% and "a lot of influence" for 31%.

Nevertheless, there was little or no impact in all three of them. Access America Vacation Confidence Index, published by Mondial Assistance USA, a travel insurer, showed that 60% of all clients of all years are affected by on-line coverage, 74% of those under 35 say that on-line coverage affects their schedules.

Also, those who are reading the review have a tendency to be larger investors. "Raters will pay more to get a top-quality product," Gutman said. Every one of our properties has rivals close by with much lower prices, and they are empty and we are full, largely because of TripAdvisor. "Recently a customer cancelled another booking because he saw us handling a claim on TripAdvisor.

People who used a travel agency last year rated these pages more positively than those who did not use a travel agency last year, with a spread of 45% to 31%. The research on the qualtity of on-line coverage differs widely, possibly due to the respondents' pool.

TripAdvisor has taken a very favorable view of the reliability of on-line reviewing. PhoCusWright's recent TripAdvisor survey found 98% of those surveyed found that TripAdvisor's rates were as precise as possible, with 60% of those surveyed rating the hotels as "high or very high", and 92% agree that TripAdvisor ratings "help me choose the right property for my travel needs.

" Full 83% of those surveyed normally or always consulted TripAdvisor ratings before they booked a PhoCusWright located. Other TripAdvisor surveys carried out by Forrester showed 81% of travellers said ratings were important when choosing which hotels to stay in; 75% said their holidays were better because they used ratings to make sure they had chosen the best place for them.

Forrester says 50% of travellers believe that ratings from on-line employees who have posted more than one review are more reliable. Almost half of the travellers will not choose a place to stay unless they find the real estate valuations on line. 77% of travellers generally disregard excessive commentary and make a general evaluation of customers' reactions when evaluating ratings, Forrester says.

The same research showed that 71% of travellers feel that management's answer to feedback is important. As TripAdvisor dominates the on-line review front, other websites are in the making and promise more current review by checking if the reviewer has actually remained in the city. TripAdvisor's rivals are seeing an opening of the markets because they say that many travellers are lacking confidence when it comes to on-line review.

Expedia checks, for example, whether the surveyors have remained in the hotel they rate and are paying for it. County Hospitality's snail said he believed that the on-line review room has become a "wild, savage West" with "lack of authentification, hostels that post bad ratings about their rivals and PR firms to post good ratings about them, hostels that encourage visitors to post ratings, etc.".

" Schneck, who also founded a new rating site named Hotel Me, in collaboration with Gannettt/USA Today, said: "Somewhere between 20% and 70%[of consumers] have confidence problems with the ratings they read. "While this area is so wide that it is insignificant, the Vacation Confidence Index found that only 63% of users consider on-line reviewers to be reliable; the rest is less so.

Whilst reviewing ratings is commendable, some believe that websites other than the Trip Advisor do not provide enough user to bear the brunt. Gutman noted, "TripAdvisor has more than 60 million people who believe in the information they find there. The Expedia review is good, but it is a small and self-chosen micro cosmos of people.

" Forecasts for the on-line reviewSocial communication is becoming increasingly important as a place for exchanging views with your peers and other contacts. While review websites are really just beginning, it's unbelievably interesting to see how the inclusion of community networking in travelers' ratings can bring real value.

" We are also working on new overview pages. According to Schneck, "The goal of the Me is to give the consumer genuine evaluations of genuine man. "Schneck said the site has "patent-pending practices" for reviewing. The Me will also be the review search for USA Today Travel, a travel site.

"We' re here to stay," said Schneck. "So long as the consumer trusts other users than the marketer, there will be a place in the travel scheduling processes for user-generated travel reports. In our opinion, the focus of our on-line review is on personalisation and validation. "Opczewski commented: "There is no doubt that the use of rating pages by visitors is growing, as are commentaries on the use of Facebook and Twitter.

Various types of users like different types of websites. "Opczewski said: "We use Revinate, an on-line review generator, to get a wider picture of what the public is saying.

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