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Reiswebsite Hotel Customer Service

Go to customer service at: Travel Web's main motive is to offer its customers reliable and enthusiastic leisure services at reduced prices. Many thanks for contacting TravelWeb customer service.

To book a hotel online is i-DEAL with, the only travel website provided by five of the world's top hotel chains, Hilton, Hyatt, Intercontinental, Marriott and Starwood. has the biggest stock of discount hotel rooms and fares directly from more than 10,000 properties and represents almost 100 hotel makes. It' intuitively designed uses industry-leading searching and viewing technologies so customers can quickly select the hotel that best suits their accommodations and receive real-time confirmations directly from the hotel of their choice. is the first discounted redistribution website to have a smooth link to each hotel's reservations system, providing real-time uptime and pricing. Clients are given a verification number directly from their chosen hotel, so there are no check-in problems associated with other travel websites that send booking enquiries to each hotel by hand.

"TRAVELWEBE.COM was founded by hotel operators to help travellers find safe hotel accommodation on-line. Travellerweb has partnered with tens of thousand of hotels to provide the most complete range of top class accommodation and great rates," said Scott Hyden, general managers of " relieves customers of the hassle of travel scheduling and the unfamiliar from making a reservation via our patent-pending i-DEAL(TM) display technologies, which quickly find and display the best rooms and fares in a specific area.

In any case, clients will want to include this in their required pages when they make their travel reservations on-line. "The i-DEAL display is's patent-pending display that effectively seeks the hotel access that matches a customer's location and arrival/departure time. Suchresult is an i-DEAL hotel room and special price lists, which offers the customer the best discount in comparison to the usual tariffs in this area.

"It will be easy for the customer to decide which i-DEAL tariff to choose," Hyden added. Clients can fine-tune their quest beyond the target town to see the "hotel clusters" near a wide range of favourite districts, sights or rides. A customer looking for a hotel in New York would, for example, be able to see a hotel in the Central Park or Times Square area.

You can also allow your users to look for asterisk rankings or filters the ad so that only those properties that correspond to a particular hotel name or hotel string are displayed. When the i-DEAL symbol appears next to a hotel tariff, clients can be sure that it is the best tariff on the web. The i-DEAL fares are so important that when booking through, the customer and will find exactly the same hotel room at the same hotel on the same date and at a lower price than Travelweb.

com, the minimum i-DEAL fee, the balance will be reimbursed. The most important advantages of's i-DEAL screen adapts customer preferences to hotel prices, accessibility and closeness to provide customers with the best value for money when making hotel bookings on-line. Displays order highlights the suitable objects that give the customer the best discount in comparison with the current tariffs in this store and have rooms that he can have.

Hotel Acknowledgement Number -'s smooth link to each hotel's unique hotel reservations system gives the customer a confirmatory number directly from his chosen hotel, avoiding check-in problems with other on-line travel pages that still use error-prone means such as sending hotel anouncements. Last Minue Availibility -'s real-time link to each hotel's main hotel reservations system allows the customer to reserve a hotel room a week in or a few moments before his arrival, unlike other on-line bookings pages, which often have a 24 or 48 hours cut-off.

Biggest 3, 4 and 5 stars stock - Travelweb knows that much more than a room is inexpensive. Nowhere else do customers find so many three-, four- and five-star chain and real estate at reduced rates: Wyndham Hotel, Omni Hotel, Ritz Carlton, Meridian Oriental, Shangri-La Hotel and Resorts, Carlson Hotel, The Leaders of the World, as well as the many independent hotel and brand names of Travelweb's founders:

Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, Intercontinental Hotels Group and Starwood. and i-DEAL are registred trade marks of Travellerweb, LLC. For an i-DEAL tariff schedule for your town, please consult the Public Relations team. is the website of the travel agency Reisevertriebsunternehmen/LLC.

i-DEAL( (TM)) is available from more than 10,000 top rated travel-facilities. redefining value by offering customers i-DEAL tariffs from more 3, 4 and 5 stars than any other on-line sales site. The i-DEAL display technologie from, for which a patented application has been filed, adapts the customer's wishes to the hotel prices, the accessibility, the closeness to the required sites and the rating of stars intelligent.

Travellerweb LLC is a travel distributor. Hilton Hotels Corporation, Hyatt Corporation, Marriott International, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Starwood Hotels, and Pegasus Solutions, Inc. Travelweb provides an innovating, new trading approach for the on-line sale of hotel rooms at concession. Travelweb is automating the allocation of net rooms for hotel owners and bringing new efficiency to the hotel industry., the company's sales website, provides customers with real-time hotel room availability and discounts. Major third parties such as, Orbitz, and use Travelweb's smooth sales channel to deliver hotel contents on their websites. Further partners will soon use Travelweb's sales net.

is a privately-held business based in Dallas.

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