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Travellers Agent Services Secure Systems Travellers will introduce a" strongly password" protection for accessing our secured systems and our agent headquarters in the course of 2008. This" strongly password" technique allows the user to login with their ID and password only and does not need any digital certificates or digital numbers for this. Much of the changes you may see on the logon screens have been made in anticipation of this new proces.

The extension will be extended to all agencies by December 2008. Be sure to be notified that it will be implemented via email or Agent HQ in your country. Will I have to reset my passwords? I have to reset my passwords how often? If I do not have my passwords modified within the 5 days notice you are notified?

Which are the criterions for a new passwort? What effect does this new passwordprocess have on my use of a providerappliance? If I have not forgotten my passwort, what if I just want to modify it? Travellers attach the highest importance to information-safety. Strong password protection technologie is a plattform which is used today by many institutes and offers one of the highest level of protection and at the same time facilitates the entrance to our website for our authorised clients.

You will forfeit your account every 90 day from the last date you modified it. As soon as the passwords have been modified, the pop-ups will not be displayed for another 81 working nights. You' will be required to reset your passwords the next day you access our site with this ID. When your supplier applications use the same ID and passwords, you must take the necessary actions to sync your new passwords with the system when they are modified.

You can always do this by pressing the â??Change Passwordâbutton on the login screen if you have questions about this issue that cause you to alter your profileâ?? username and passwort. At this point in the 90 days expiry date will be cleared and you will not be asked to return it by the 81 st calendar year.

Your browser may need some extra setup options based on how your office is configured.

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