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TraveWeb offers both hotel and flight bookings

Dallas, August 7, 1996, Texas, Pegasus Systems, Inc. Headquarter of TravelWeb, Inc. TravelWeb's latest on-line reservation tool ( the possibility to verify prices and buy plane passes 24/7 from anywhere in the globe via the intranet. With this additional functionality, TravelWeb is the only website on the Web that offers real-time hotel reservation combined with the option of buying and reserving a ticket with more than 300 carriers around the globe.

TravelWeb started its hotel reservation function just seven month ago and has quickly developed into the world's premier hotel reservation and information system. A recent on-line poll of the British journal /travmag/, 71. 5% of the 3,000 people surveyed stated that TravelWeb was the most frequently used travelling gateways. TravelWeb's month-long on-line purchases bear witness to its increasing appeal.

Only since March 1996 has hotel room bookings increased by an annual rate of around 40 per cent on an average. "Pegasus Systems' Executive Vice president and chief executive officer, John F. Davis III, said. "This has been demanded by our customers for month.

You like the simplicity and safety of hotel bookings through TravelWeb and want similar options when it comes to making flight allotments. This is exactly what our new on-line reservation system for airlines offers. "Davis continued: "And if we include the on-line reservation for the world's biggest rent ave - Hertz - that is anticipated later this year, TravelWeb will be the ideal page for the book-it-yourself traveller to set "bookmarks" for "one-stop" bookings," said Davis.

TravelWeb allows you to quickly and simply view the airline companies and flight schedules that are available at any point in the journey you want. As soon as this information is transmitted, TravelWeb immediately handles the booking and gives a message while the visitor is still on-line. Within a few mnutes TravelWeb will send you an e-mail with all relevant information.

Passengers worldwide will receive their flight tickets by Federal Express within 72hrs. No additional charges arise for the reservation of an airport or hotel room via TravelWeb. TravelWeb multilingual agent support centre in Seattle, Washington.

"TravelWeb benefits'cyber travelers' in a nutshell: it's easy. As with our hotel bookings, you can navigate through the system and if necessary make a trip in just a few minutes," says Davis. "As with TravelWeb hotel bookings, only web browser that support Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encoding can be used.

TravelWeb's goal is to offer the highest level of safety for all your payment cards and to ensure that your payment is safe and secure. All of the carriers that can be booked via TravelWeb are included in the One AMADEUS System called GDS. is also developing and distributing a wide range of business solutions for tour operators and businesses. Founded in 1995, Pegasus Systems, Inc. is the mother corporation of three proven and prosperous companies:

TravelWeb, Inc. Pegasus, operated by 15 of the world's biggest hotel and travel firms, recently oversubscribed $7. 5 million in inventory to Trident Capital Investmentgesellschaft, whose biggest investors is Dun & Bradstreet. Pegasus Systems shareholders: The Hilton Hotels Corp. Hospitaller Franchise Systems, Inc. Accommodation Hyatt Hotels Corp. Sheraton ITT Corp.

The Marriott Hotel Corp. Celebrity Hotel Corp. TravelWeb (SM), headquartered in Dallas (, allows Dallas customers to make and buy air ticket bookings and guarantee ticket bookings in more than 8,000 establishments in more than 125 destinations around the globe, of which 57 different hotel makes and 12 of the biggest hotel groups in the run. TravelWeb allows the "book-it-yourself traveller" to make purchases for the perfect hotel and airliner trip and make a safe, transaction or buy with a guarantee of a bank transfer and obtain an acknowledgement within seconds.

We expect that this page will be extended by the possibility of renting a vehicle before the end of this year. Travel Web visitors in more than 90 different markets are accessing more than two million pages per months. Founded in 1989, THISCO(R) (The Hotel Industry Switch Company) and its UltraSwitch(R) have significantly enhanced the commercialization of hotel rooms through computer-aided worldwide sales system (GDSs).

The THISCO links 70 hotel networks with all important GDS to make hotel booking through global tour operators easier. And THISCO also offers the functionality that allows the hotel and other tour operators to book directly in person via TravelWeb. Also a Pegasus Systems business, HCC (Hotel Clearing Corp.) (www.hccnet. com) earned more than $74 million in commission in 1995, an increase of 124% over 1994.

Over 45,000 agents in 90 different markets are currently registered in HCC's automatic commissions system, 76% of the top 100 of them. Furthermore, 42 hotel operators are involved, which represent almost 18,000 contract objects. TravelWeb is a trademark of TravelWeb, Inc. and Pegasus Systems, Inc. does not own any trademark or name of the company mentioned.

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