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Priceeline Hotel Customer Service Number Telephone number: Are you looking for an independent tour operator in your town? The Priceline Group should be contacted without any kind of mess. The company offers active travelling and related value-added chain management activities. Powered by six brand names -, agoda.

com,,, KAYAK and OpenTable - the Priceline Group is available in 200 nationalities.

The group was established 2 years ago and is based in Norwalk, Connecticut, USA. This group had established a help line dedicated to providing 24-hour help. With this hotline you have an opportunity to get your luxurious accomodation in the Priceline Hotel at a lower price.

The hotel help line also helps with changes in pre-booking. You can also immediately terminate a room. It is not a long and tedious hotel room reservation in Priceline. All you need to do is call the Priceline Hotel Customer Service number to get a room in your chosen town.

Our helpdesk specialists are highly skilled and open to the exchange of information with their customers. Your itinerary may have altered or been cancelled. Immediately modify or cancellation a hotel you have reserved. You can use the help line number we referred to in the last section to do the same.

We will not ask you to deposit a cent for a larger modification or cancellation of your hotel reservation. For more information on service availabilities, please go to the helpdesk. In the middle of 2004, Travelweb and Active Hotels were taken over by the Priceline Group.

Afterwards the group purchased (2005) and (2007). In 2010 a multi-national vehicle hire group ( "TravelJigsaw") was added to the line and in 2013 a search tool was added. Being OpenTable and Buuteeq and Hotel Ninjas it has two mergers in 2014. Rocketmiles Group was purchased in 2015, followed by Momondo Group in 2017.

Reserve your hotel today. Priceline Hotels are equipped with all the latest conveniences.

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