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When I arrived at the airport in Paris, I looked for the person with the Trip-a-Deal sign. Many bargain hunters only pay the price. Login to find great hotel deals, save travel ideas and more. Featured Beaches - Show all. Login to find great hotel deals, save travel ideas and more.

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Did anyone book a trip through Trip a Deal and if so, did everything go according to schedule, was it cheap? Probably the most useful thing in the bargain forums. Hello again Laurene, I have you scrolling on response number 1 from BradJill there is a shortcut to one of the earlier forums themes on TripaDeal.

By clicking on this hyperlink, you can browse some people's experience with their travels to and around mainland and there are a few more hyperlinks to click and browse. Seems they were using this firm and had no trouble. I used another firm last October and went to visit Chinas, that was also inexpensive and a little cautious.

I hope that Tripadeal is the same as what I am signing with them for Sri Lanka India and Nepal in October. If you are interested, please send me a note for the other firm, because I don't want to write in this forums.

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Arrived at the Paris International I searched for the one with the Trip-a-Deal-plate. DON'T MAKE A DEAL. In France, the tourist leader did not introduce himself until the morning after his return for it. Had the five individuals who arrived in Paris at 7 a.m. the previous morning not met and talked to the members of our group, they would not have known the particulars.

The voyage document was sent two working nights before departure, together with the vessel's number. It was nothing more than the first trip, not a route. There were no hours indicated on each date, except for the cruising route, which was separated. At least I could have reserved in advance a visit to the Eiffel Towers and to important Florence and Rome.

To go all the way to Paris and only see the Eiffel Towers from afar misses the point. On both occasions, the Florence and Rome hotel establishments were far from the centre. The service should include local transportation. In Florence the coach also took us to the centre and back, but this was only known on the eve of the free time.

In Paris, the city was in crisis, in a quarter of bright lights. Both lifts were out of order and the welcome personnel in the afternoons were unkind. The entrance to the Paris hotels was risky to get or get off the buses. There was no car park at the Nice hotels except 500 metres.

I had a bad manners in Rome, the beds I had in my room were completely washed out. I could only lay on the sidelines. They tried to be supportive and had likeable people. We were offered to eat on the first morning on the boat, but the courier made us stop at a road house for dinner, so we got to the harbour later.

Also the place where the boat was donecked was known and we went in the opposite one. Since the Grand Prix took place in Monaco, the option to travel the circuit as described in the travel plan was cancelled and it was not possible to go to Monte Carlo. It should be possible to know the date of the Grand Prix and it should not be available without fulfilling this requirement.

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