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The TripView software creates travel plans for trains, buses, ferries, trams and buses. Schedule your journey to stations, stops and quays. The TripView displays Sydney Train/Bus/Ferry timetable data on your mobile phone. Display your itinerary anytime, on any device, even when you're offline. Complement your online or mobile calendar with your travel plans.

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The TripView software provides travel itineraries for trains, buses, ferries, trams and buses. Schedule your journey to railway and quays. Lists all timetable and timetable related activities with real-time information. Grouping of the next sailings between the different stop. Check the complete timetable and follow your delivery in action.

View the estimated times of your final destinations. Follow your coach on a card in near-realtime. In the next coach, please inspect the available cabin. Offers information on access to and use of our web site.

The TripView Lite

The TripView shows the Sydney and Melbourne timetables on your mobile device. This provides an overview of your next service and a complete schedule reader. Schedule information is saved on your telephone so that it can be used off-line. Real-time information is available for the following operators:

NOTICE: Every effort is made to guarantee the schedule is accurate, but no guarantee is given. When you find an irregularity in the schedule, please send an e-mail to with further information.

Trip View

The TripView shows the Sydney Train/Bus/Ferry schedule on your mobile device. This provides an overview of your next service and a complete schedule reader. Schedule information is saved on your telephone so you do not need to be connected to the Internet. This screenshot is from the TripView 2009 release.

It is the welcome page that you will see after the first TripView start. Use the Plus key to add a new trigger setting, the magnifier displays the route to nearest locations, and the information symbol displays the versions and contacts information. Pressing the Plus key on the home page takes you to the New Trip page.

There is a choice of departure and arrival railway lines. If you press Save, you will return to the home page. TripView normally only displays moves that stop at both your departure and arrival points. If you set "All Trains" to On, however, all moves from your original location to your final destinations will be displayed, even if they do not stop at your final destinations.

Clicking on one of the stop-off point name on the New Trip page takes you to the Select stop-off point selection area. As standard, the items are ordered by name. Click on one of the index characters on the right side of the display to quickly go to the stops starting with that one.

When you select the target location, TripView will only display locations on the same line as your origin. When you click the By Removal icon, TripView sorts your wards in order of increased remoteness from your present location (using iPhone's built-in GPS). When you click the line name on the New Trip window, the Choose line appears.

Here all cables connecting your two chosen station are displayed. Once you have chosen your stops and line, you can exit the New Trip window by clicking the Save icon in the upper right area. You will return to the home page where you will see the new trip you have just added.

Clicking a trip key on the home page takes you to the overview view. Here you can see the next 20 moves from your starting point to your final destinations, as well as ETA, departures and arrivals. The view is updated in near-realtime, so you can keep it open as you walk to your turn.

TripView also displays the start and end points for each turn (e.g. Hornsby to Lindfield service). Click ing on one of the moves in this menu to get to the timetable view, where you will find a complete listing of stopping points for this move. Here is another picture of the summary view.

But in this picture the All moves checkbox has been activated (see above). The TripView also shows moves that do not stop at the city hall. Notice the small knob in the upper right hand part. You reach the display of the indicators. That is the indication view. It is a reproduction of a CityRail plasm display.

This will update and scroll and look quite exactly like a true tracer. By clicking the pushbutton in the upper right edge you return to the overview view. Alternatively, if you click the TripView icon in the upper lefthand part of the window, you can return to the TripView window.

The TripView remembers whether you choose the indicator view or the overview view, and when you click on a trip on the primary display, you return to the view you used last. That is just another example of the Illawarra line summary view. Notice that most TripView displays are color-coded according to the actual line of travel.

Here is the schedule view. Their sources and destinations are marked in black. Click on the arrows or use the slide bar to quickly search through all moves of the game. You can change to the schedule for another date with the Days of the week pushbutton in the upper right area.

Please notice that the schedule view also takes into account the configurations settings All Moves. If you have All Trains activated, you can see all your moves from your well. If not, you will only see moves that stop at your destinations. The Select Tag view is displayed. You can quickly skip to another date by searching the schedule in the schedule view.

The" Get Directions" view. To access it, press the magnifier key in the moment-view. Use iPhone's built-in navigation system to find your present position and show you a listing of all the closest stops, ordered by walking distances. Clicking on one of the stops in the "Get Directions" view starts the "iPhone Maps" app and shows you the route from your present position to the chosen channel.

This is another photo of the principal view with several journeys that have been selected for different trains. When you click the Modify icon in the upper lefthand part of the top view, you go to the Modify state. If you click on one of the circles in the map, a clear key is displayed for this trip.

To cancel the trip, click the Clear Buttons. When you click on a trip in editing modus, the view Process Trip appears. It is similar to the New Trip view, but allows you to change an already defined trip.

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