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Activities in Indonesia, Asia: Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, is chaotic, crowded and cosmopolitan, a city of contrasts. Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, is chaotic, crowded and cosmopolitan, a city of contrasts. but I' m doing my best on Tripadvisor! Check out the TripAdvisor Help Center for policies, website features, technical support, and more.

Indo-Andonesia 2018: The best of Indonesia Tourism

The 2018 edition of World Waterway Day 2018 continues the traditional schedule of this year' s event on the breathtaking waters of Indonesia..... Magic places in Indonesia you never..... Indonesia is a goldmine for many adventurous people with a wealth of cultural and cultural attractions in its pockets..... After the outbreak of Mount Agung, Bali remained on standby last night and the Bali government is watching the situation carefully.

The Angklung International Angklung is a historic event, the Linggar Jati Treaties. In commemoration of the World Angklung Day this event is..... Aims in Bali that are secure..... Agung Mountain in Bali is spitting up ashes and fumes. Known best as the land of the gods, Bali captivates with its pure nature, its jagged coasts and unspoilt shores, luxuriant terraced rices and sparse volcanoes,.....

The Ambon Bay is packed with many maritime contests that define the Maluku population. It is Indonesia that all the sports enthusiasts in Asia and around the globe will look to when the 18. Banyuwangi county is situated on the east tip of Java opposite Bali Road, while the harbour of.....

Cambodia is preparing for the lighting of the..... Everyone's eye will be drawn to Indonesia when the biggest and most prestigeous sports tournament in Asia, the 18..... The Krakatau Festival of Lampung is a key yearly tourist activity that will take place in its twenty-eighth year in 2018.

Indonesia's Sulawesi Tomohon Extreme Market causes torture of animals after Tripadvisor critiques

JAKARTA, Indonesia -- Fighters call for the closing of the local wildlife market, praised as a touristic destination, where hundreds of thousand of dogs are beaten to death and burned to death. On Sulawesi Isle, known as Tomohon Extreme Market, one of the stores was previously on TripAdvisor's list of top destinations until pet protection groups lodged a complaint.

Tourism is still being promoted as a destination by travel agents and public servants. Animal protection groups say that the handling of pets in Tomohon and another country in the North Sulawesi provinces selling pets was "brutally cruel" and like "going through hell". Video clips filmed by the fighters at the two fairs in December show hounds crouching in pens, while the workmen take out the crying beasts and beat their faces with sticks of wood, while spectators of the fair, some with kids, are watching.

In Indonesia, the alliance of three Indonesian-based groups and the Humane Society International said that the sales of poultry flesh should be suspended for reasons of wildlife protection and for reasons of general good because of the potential for the spread ofbies. Nordsulawesi authorities have declined to hit the fighters, they said, and they are now demanding the federal administration to prohibit the tobacco market, which also sells feline flesh and the corpses of savage and conservation endangered animals such as boobies, serpents and other mammals.

On Wednesday, Lola Webber, a founding member of the Change For Animals Foundation, said she had attended living animals fairs around the globe, but was appalled by the scale of the ferocity on Sulawesi's market and its conversion into conversation. Only a small proportion of Indonesians eat dog food, but it is still an important commodity in a land of more than 250 million inhabitants.

Nordsulawesi's pet stores kill literally a thousand animals a week, most of which are exported from other Indonesian states.

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