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Pre-book tickets for a Parisian cabaret, complete with eye-catching dancers and bubbling and even private balcony seats. I' ve recently booked a nice hotel near the Champs d'Élysées in Paris. Most of the reviews on TripAdvisor were not from happy campers.

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After a stroll along the Seine, relax and admire the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe.... the Parisian adventure blends recreation and vitality with enough free space to enjoy both an excellent dinner and exhibitions at the Louvre.

Wake up in Notre Dame, go hunting for bargains at the Marché aux Puces de Montreuil or the Marché Biologique Raspail, and crown it all with a daring show at the Moulin Rouge. Would you like to cut costs by up to 30% compared to your Paris based hotels?

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Is" Malakoff Paris" a Malakoff Hotels or the Parisians? When Malakoff the outskirts, local transportation requires 2 or 3 transfer and, with childrens and baggage, very poorly counsel. Many staircases, walks, 1.5 hour journey and no doubt the attentiveness of pocket thieves, who appeal to tourists with baggage and offspring as simple "pigeons".

Taxis for a large group will be better, but you'll probably have to await while the dispatchers at the offical cab line summon a large one for 5 grownups (children will probably have to be seated on rounds) and pack. You have too much baggage, there could be a problem.

As Malakoff is located outside the Paris border, the ticket price is not set, but from CDG to Paris itself, but probably not more than 65 to 70? according to transport.

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