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That'?s Carla from Tripsite. Driven by Hennie van den Hengels passion for cycling, Tripsite started in a spare bedroom in a detached house. The Tripsite offers bike and boat tours through Europe, Asia and America. JourneySite is specialized in bike tours and bike & boat tours all over Europe at really unbeatable prices!

The Tripsite is your comprehensive marketplace for cycling tours in Europe, Asia and beyond and offers a variety of tours for the discerning cyclist!

Bicycle tours & bike tours in Europe & beyond

Your all-embracing market place for biking in Europe, Asia and beyond, Tripsite offers thousands of routes for the demanding biker, inclusive of biking and boating trips, biking trips and multi-adventure touring! With a diversified range of trips for every taste, from luxurious to valuable, there are trips for every interest, from the historical to the cultural to the gastronomic.

Tailor-made trips are also possible! Familyowned since 1999, Tripsite is known for unparalleled client support and comprehensive expertise on every trip we do.

Our first bicycle and boat journey on the "Tour de Tulips" in April - the marvellous Fleur team and the communications with everyone on the Tripsite were first-class. We' ve seen a lot of the rest of the globe, but we rank our bicycle ride through Holland among the top 5 - so much so that we've reserved the Danube 4 Country Tours for next year - thank you so much for this marvellous one!

We' ve done our last 3 bike rides with Tripsite and were very satisfied with their services. All in all we did 12 bike rides and the last two we did on Tripsite were probably our best. We' re now looking at our next tour and will book through Tripsite.

Itraveld form Venice to Croatia by tripsite. There were great urban mapping, but we found that Google was needed within the communities to find our ultimate destination. On the four-country tour we had a great holiday from Constance and cycled through Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Austria and back to Germany. and Pedal - Outdoor / Adventure Travel Forum

If you are considering a (Pack and Pedal) bicycle tour, I would advise you to review your terms of cancelation and modification very thoroughly. It is important to remember that once you have obtained the formal confirmation e-mail about your journey, you are subject to their cancelation policies if you modify or canceled them. EVEN if they have not yet been paid by you.

I had to call off my journey before I could get a cheque in the post and wrongly thought that I was not tied up in any way. But in fact, I was as if I had fully prepaid the journey. Fortunately, they don't charge me as much as usual (that's what they told me in an email) and I can only think it's because they realise that they shouldn't charge me anything because no cash has ever moved from one owner to another.

Why were you so magnanimous in an e-mail, but you didn't answer. You are obliged to provide your credentials when you register for the tour you wish to book, even if they clearly state that they will NOT want you to use them for payment and will add an extra 4% if you do so.

Instead, if I don't make the payment, it is just debited from my major bank account, which they now have to use. You will also deduct the whole journey from your debit or debit cards if you do not make the payment within 10 working nights. So this is how they use your cardholder information.

Yes, of course I had already decided on travel insurances as I was going from Florida to Croatia, but I had not yet taken out the insurances as they required a travel fee and of course this had not been made. Well, if I had actually payed for the journey or made a down pay, I would have understood its policies, because it is very well known.

But once I' ve already payed, I would have taken out a travel assurance which would have insured the cancelation. But because they hadn't even got my travel expenses, I find their policies outrageous. However, they were very useful on the telephone and by e-mail when I decided to travel and had extra queries, just be very cautious about their cancellations and changes policies.

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