Find great offers, compare hotel prices & save money on your next holiday or your next trip - save when searching for a hotel with trivago! This Triava project contains several core libraries from trivago for Java-based projects: caching, collections, annotations, concurrency libraries and more.

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Find the best offers, check our rates & safe your next vacation or your next journey - safe with trivago! You can find accommodation for your holidays or your corporate trips, explore a last-minute walk around town or a sunny wintersend. Featuring more than a million select-points, and thousands of global bookings to help you schedule your next journey with the world's biggest application for your hospitality and holidays!

Check out our selection of properties and find your perfect property at the best rate before you make your booking. Explore the best offers and properties with trivago! Find a room and safe money: 5 top 5 good reason to use trivago: - Check out our selection of rooms from over a hundred booking offices around the world. - Discover the best value properties, find rebates, offers and saving on properties around the world for cheap travels.

  • To find rooms near rides, check rates - look for your budgets by choosing a last-minute route. - Make savings on holiday and holiday pages so you can make your own booking for your own comfort. - The trivago Rating Index - see the combination of all available reviews to make you feeling safe before booking.

You can find properties, B&B's and check rates on all top booking pages such as Expedia,, Holidaycheck, e-bookers, AlphaRooms, LateRooms, Travelrepublic,,, Priceline, HotelTonight and more. Locate rooms in nearby resorts and fix a top rate. Accurately track your travel costs, comparing and searching by place and city.

Explore properties, benefits and rebates for your budget last-minute-journey. You can also calculate your own rates and holiday rebates, schedule your journey with self-assurance and thus help you make the most of your holiday. We have a large number of staff who will always find the best offers at the best rates to make your next holiday stress-free. Locate properties with one of the best apps in the world:

  • The Guardian ranks trivago among the "10 best savings apps". - The Tech Times names trivago one of the "must have applications for frequently travelers". - Lifehacker ranks trivago among the "best pricecomparison applications that you need to download". To find out more about trivago properties and find out what the best offers are, please click here.

Reserve your holidays on the go and help you make your own savings!

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