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You can save a lot with car rental promotions and discounts. Car Hire Australia - Compare & for less There''s plenty of variety in this vast area, and those on a Australian street tour could encounter glittering Australian cityscapes, dozy seaside resorts, luxuriant rainforests, dry reddish deserts, distinctive peaks and much more. But to see everything there is to see, you have to be ready for long journeys.

A car hire company in Australia will take you where you need to go as long as you have a good day at the helm! Here is our guidebook to what you can get from an Australian tour on some of Australia's most beloved routes for you. Take a look at our Australia drivingguide for more information on down under cycling.

Include a brief excursion to the interior to see the huge void of the outback and you will experience a very extensive outing. While some stretches, such as the east coast, which is full of villages and municipalities, demand less motoring and more sight-seeing, other isolated stretches allow longer roads.

From Darwin in the south to Adelaide in the north, it is an icons itinerary that will take at least a whole weekend. A large part of the motorway passes through a wonderful, deserted desertsutback, so that it is possible to travel long stretches and take pleasure in driving - there are very few cities to stop in!

It' not a tour to be taken lightly. No. This is the ideal excursion for those who like a little civilization in combination with its breathtaking Australia outdoors. Stay on the coastline and savour the shores, natural reserves and seaside resorts that are plentiful in this part of the land, and take your free and easy exploration of the three major capitals at the beginning, end and midway point of your journey.

We suggest to spread the 23 hour trip over at least ten working nights to take everything with you! Many aspiring Australians want to know how far and how long they have to travel to get between two big cities. Even if you can make a short trip by going to the interior, every tourist to the land will profit from the longer coastline tour that can be covered in two day's travel - although three or more would be better suited for exploring.

There are many different natural reserves and we suggest that you do so in summers so you can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of Australia's seaside town. There are many hot spots on this route: Newcastle, the Hunter Valley winelands, Coffs Harbour and the Gold Coast, a country of windsurfing spots, skyscrapers and theme playgrounds.

but at least four are perfect. Domestic routes are short, but the coast has more to see and do - and more to do! These include Brisbane and the Gold Coast, which are very popular with visitors. For some outback excitement, take a trip to Queensland during the trip.

You can complete the 30 hour drive in four working nights, but we suggest at least one working day. It is another journey with a short domestic itinerary, but the seaside attractions are rewarding the additional travel and the opportunity to see Melbourne. To get a few leagues from the beach, you should at least consider the Great Ocean Road, which runs from Torquay to Warrnambool in Victoria.

We recommend four working day to one working day! Now, this is one for those who love streams and bushes over the sea and beaches! To ensure the maximum fun, the 30 hour journey should be divided over at least one sunday. Spend a few beers with the local people in the outdoor bars, make a side run to Adelaide and admire the subterranean homes in Coober Pedy.

Distances and time above are for the quickest way between Sydney and Perth, but with a few short roundabouts you could also go to Adelaide and Canberra, or to Albany, Esperance and the beautiful rainbow coast. The best thing to do is to make a travel out of this cross-country tour and take at least ten whole outings!

The trip could take 2 long day, but we suggest at least 3 short ones to allow more sight-seeing for you. Though the domestic itinerary is faster, it would be a crime to miss the picturesque Great Ocean Road that runs along the Victoria coastline between Torquay and Warrnambool.

Feel the rustic charms of Victoria and New South Wales on this tour from Melbourne via Albury to Canberra, the country capitol. It' easy to finish in one but two will give more free travel times. Though there is a slightly short distance from Melbourne to Adelaide, it would be stupid to keep away from the Victoria Coast and the Great Ocean Roads.

The fastest way from Adelaide is along the Great Australian Bight, a breathtaking coastline. Spend at least four and a half day on this wonderful trip that will cover much of Queensland's coastline. The Sunshine Coastline, Bundaberg, Rockhampton, Mackay, the Whitsundays area, Townsville and the many nature reserves you will cross are all highpoints.

Get ready to turn the sun on with this outdoor-roadtrip! To start, drive up the coastline towards Gladstone and then turn off intoland or simply drive westwards from Brisbane. Not many cities along the way, but many beautiful open areas for this street travel experience.

It is recommended to plan 6 working nights or a whole city! It is a road that is very popular with Australian tourists and can be taken as a full excursion, although many decide to stay a few nights on the buzzingGold Coast. The itinerary really shows Western Australia! We' ve set the time and distance on Highway One's itinerary, which is not too far from the Indian Ocean, but for the adventures it might be a good time to take a stroll into the interior and see some of the red-gold scenery that this side of the land can do so well.

Also take Highway One for this journey as it contains some of South West Australia's treasures: the Margaret River winelands, the rainbow coast around Albany, the never-ending rocks along the Great Australian Bight. It is a breathtaking ride between these two major towns and we recommend that you take at least 5 or 6 day to savour it.

This is the quickest way to get there, heading further up country through Western Australia and its gold-digger cities like Mount Magnet, meeting the coastline between Port Hedland and Broome and then turning away from the sea to the Northern Territory. With 43 hrs it would take at least a whole weeks of proper sailing - more if you want to take a coastline street.

Hopefully the above abovementioned abstracts will help you plan an memorable journey to Australia!

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