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New Atlanta travel guide Atlanta, Georgia is where the Old South and the New South meet. Featuring more than 5.5 million inhabitants who call the metropolis of Atlanta and million of travellers who book Atlanta every year, the capital retains its "homey", small-town Mediterranean welcome and charms with the splendour and refinement of an internationally acclaimed cityscape.

Atlanta, one of the most rapidly expanding metropolises in the USA, has several demands for glory. Here you will find the world's busiest international airfield at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International ( "ATL"); one of the world's biggest aquaria at the Georgia Aquarium; the world's biggest open-air, orchard and greengrocery stall; the oldest US dancing professionally owned at the Atlanta Ballet); and it is also the birth place of the deceased Martin Luther King Jr. Take a guided Atlanta trip with you and learn about the city's major tourism attractions before your arrival.

It also has a long tradition that is often forgotten by first-time visitor. You can also see the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site, which is made up of several monuments, among them the Ebenez Baptist Church, where he was a minister, and his tomb. Atlanta's city centre is also home to the vibrant evening life if you want to dance the dark to today's music.

Heck, even ice hockey made its way to Atlanta so you wouldn't miss catching a Thrashers game. Booking a cheap ticket to Atlanta, the commercial and culture capitol of the American South, and see this great town for yourself. Irrespective of how long you intend to remain in Atlanta, here are a few hints to help you organize and indulge in the smooth-running journey.

How are things in Atlanta? Attention should be paid to choking heat and damp conditions for those who book Atlanta flight in the south. There is good reason to know that many travellers choose to come to Atlanta during the colder seasons, so you are likely to find cheap air tickets to Atlanta along with cheap accommodation.

The best time to visit Atlanta is when you are worried about the wet summers, as the temporary staff are a little more convenient for you. Winters can be quite cool, and the town sometimes suffers slight snowfalls, although the mean seasonal rainfall in recent years has been less than 3 inch.

When'?s the best season to go to Atlanta? Atlanta is visited all year round, although the months of March to May and September to November are the most touristic. It is in your interest to reserve your Atlanta flight and your accomodation well in advance if you want to come in August.

You will find the lowest fares to Atlanta during this timeframe. Examine for any instances or Festivals that might be on though, as this will raise the costs of your air tickets, and be ready to be able to pay more when you book your flights to Atlanta for Christmas season.

Atlanta's summer highlight is also a low seasons, as the air moisture is very high and it can be very overwhelming. What is the best timeframe to fly to Atlanta? The best value Atlanta connections are available from December to February. If you are planning to come over Christmas, make sure you reserve your tickets well in advance as the cost of Atlanta is soaring.

Get your airline tickets as quickly as possible to help you cut costs, as Atlanta will only become more expensive as your schedule increases. So how long is the Atlanta trip? Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International is the busiest international airports in the runway and has a steady flow of arrivals and departures.

From Chicago, it takes about an hour and a half. The flight from New York to Atlanta takes about two-hour. What are Atlanta's scheduled services? While Atlanta acts as the primary platform for Delta and all its partners, the carrier choices cover all key carrier for national and intercontinental services.

Further carriers serving the destination are Air Canada, Air France, Frontier, United, Virgin Atlantic, America, Lufthansa, British Airways, Southwest and Alaska Air. A number of local carriers also make regular landings in Atlanta, such as US Airways Express, US Connection, Delta Connection and United Express. Featuring so much air travel in and out of Atlanta, the odds are good that your favourite carrier is an optional extra.

So what should you bring on a plane to Atlanta? The Hotlanta does not only relate to the pulsating night life in Atlanta. When you come in high season, wrap clothing to keep you chill. In spite of the warm midsummer and the southerly position Atlanta gets quite cold in winters. You may not want the trouble of finding a way into town after your Atlanta trip.

It is best to ask your hotels whether they provide an aerodrome transfer at room rates before you depart. The metro, run by the Metropolitan Area Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA), can also take you directly from the airports to the cities; it is less expensive than a cab and you don't have to concern yourself with transport.

Taxi's are also available outside the terminal, but not cheap. As soon as you are prepared to discover the metro, get on the Atlanta metro and you can move around the streets with ease. As Atlanta has NOTORICALLY poor transport, some of the worse in the whole wide web, so you want to stay away from riding if you can.

So what's to do in Atlanta? While Atlanta is a shopping centre, the town offers a lot of entertainment for recreational travellers. Atlanta Historical Center is home to artefacts of the city's past. Remain in Atlanta on Stone Mountain, a quarz monitorite mound with engravings by Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis.

Centennial Olympic Park is the perfect place to go on your Atlanta-trip. Atlanta has an abundance of family-friendly activity. Unleash the power on the childrens at the Children's Musuem of Atlanta, the state' s biggest children's/musuem. View Atlanta from above on the 20-storey SkyView Atlanta Ferris' Ferris' Ferris Ferris wheel. Sport enthusiasts will find many opportunities in the town.

Join the Atlanta Streetcar between some of the most beloved rides. At Atlanta makes the shortlist for the best subterranean towns in the whole wide globe, so when you're on your way, make sure you explore the subterranean Atlanta. Atlanta and the surrounding area has a lot of highly visible greens.

The whole familiy can enjoy a trip to Grant Park's Atlanta Sanctuary to see the famed inhabitants of the pandas exhibition. After you have seen the complex, walk through the remaining area of Grant Parc, the oldest urban garden in Atlanta. Stay at the major attractions when you' re in Atlanta.

Some areas of the town are known to be insecure, such as the south part of the town and kirkwood in the northeastern part of the megeway. In Atlanta, transport is often a problem. Town' always bustling, so give yourself more free rein when you go somewhere. On the way from Atlanta?

Most US airlines flying to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International, such as Delta, American, United, Southwest and JetBlue, also operate from there. These are some of the most famous Atlanta itineraries where you will find some great flights: As there are approximately 260,000 people travelling through Atlanta on an ordinary daily basis, it is always a good idea to get to the airfield early to ensure safety.

Prevent intercourse by taking the MARTA Gold or Rd line to the Aiport. You will find all the information you need before your departure in our Atlanta airports guide for more detail.

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