Trivago Hotel Og Fly

Hotel Trivago Og Fly

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Hôtel îbis Hamburg Airport. Reserve your hotel now! Wifi!

Ideally located just a stone's throw from Hamburg Airport, it is the perfect location for travellers and visitors who enjoy the northern part of the Hanseatic town. The 157 soundproof rooms are furnished with large, cosy single and double bed, A/C and WIFI. The WIFI is available 24/7 throughout the hotel and an on-line computer is always free.

The hotel is a Planet 21 participant and is committed to positive hospitality. If you want to rest from a long plane ride or just want to unwind after a long afternoon, you will always spend a relaxing one. It has 157 rooms with sound insulation, free WIFI and TV with a large selection of Sky canals.

The standard silenced room has a spacious queen-size bedroom with a large sleeping area, 24/7 WIFI and a practical workstation. The standard room with two single berths is sound -proofed so that you can always have a good night's rest. The rooms are fitted with regulated A/C, 24/7 WIFI and a practical workstation. You no longer offer a shuttles to the airports, so it is no longer an hotel.

Both the hotel and the personnel are very good, but I am expecting a shuttleservice from an hotel at the Aiport. A great catering and a good place to spend the night for everyone who lives in Hamburg. On foot to the hotel, as it was not far away (not with a lot of luggage). Our employees are kind and supportive.

The sojourn was good, but I had to allow at least 5 min to arrive to check in, as one of my colleagues was busy with the two in front of me and the second one at the check-in counter with some computer chores. The room was functionally and comfortably, the employees were kind and gave us accommodation for an early start by quickly furnishing and making the room available.

The breakfast was satisfying / good value for money and Wi-Fi etc. all worked well. A small point is that some of the most important hotel information sites (though not the homepage ) still point to the hotel shuttles that no longer work (we knew this in anticipation through the Trip Advisor). During our trip the wheather was good, so it was not a big problem to return to the airfield, although we ran all our cases.

It was also not possible to make a reservation for the 3 of us (including the little daughter) directly on the website - we had to call the hotel, then make a reservation on the web and then call the hotel again to upgrade a 2-person reservation for 3 persons hand. It is ideally located for transport to and from the Aéroport.

There' s a coach stop around the bend, a petrol pump a few metres away, a one-way ride to the hire point and relatively simple footpaths to the international airports. Our personnel was friendly and supportive. Some of my family's wishes were fulfilled by the team.

I have been choosing this hotel on a regular basis for 8 years because of its proximity to the international airports and its shuttles. Calling for the shuttles from the airfield, I got the unfriendliest assistent-- "There' s no shuttles, you can go," no excuses. The same impolite courtesy I had when I got to the front office.

Of course, I didn't ask for too much from a cheap hotel book. Restuarant services were, well, messed up.

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