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Find great offers, compare hotel prices & save money on your next holiday or your next trip - save when searching for a hotel with trivago! Search with Trivago and compare hotel rates The Trivago website for searching for hotels and comparing prices. The Trivago team works with over 200 pages of hotels bookings and creates a list of hotels prices for its customers in over 30 different nationalities. Trivago's hotels, holiday homes and pensions information comes from our partners' web pages, accommodation and Trivago visitors.

If you are looking for a Trivago property, you will see a listing of the on-line reservation pages that offer rooms in this property on the date (s) of your choice, together with the corresponding tariff. Though many of its customers believe this, Trivago is not a website for making bookings in hotels. If you select the website of a Trivago property, you will be redirected to the accommodation page of your choice.

Completion of the reservations procedure on this page, not on Trivago. Where can I find hotels that fulfil my needs with Trivago? Trivago's "More Filter" is one of its best properties. Trivago monitors everything from the proximity of a room to a certain location, such as your relative's house or an animal or non-pet viewing point - this monitor is in the "hotel facilities" section - and whether the room is refrigerated by means of climate control, a ventilator or Mother Nature.

They can also be filtered by the hospitality stars evaluation system and by users' evaluation stats. With Trivago, how do I get the best possible accommodation? We use the information you provide to find your accommodation. The results of your searches show information from various pages of your reservation. A few pages may indicate a fee that will include your breakfasts.

After reviewing all of Trivago's featured properties and fares, you can browse the hotel's website for a few moments or read some of the properties ratings before making a request. It' always a good way to go to a hotel's website to see how much and how much is available, just as you would review the fares on a particular airline's website before you book through an on-line travelagent.

Please have a close look at the website for your accommodation before making your reservations. Please review appointments and prices; some Trivago customers have experienced issues with date and room price changes. You can use Trivago's information function (click on the small letter i and the words "hotel details") to find out more about each and every property before you make your bookings.

Or you can select the language from the drop-down list in the top right of the Trivago website, but your selection is restricted to those used by many in your home area. Trivago's rates on the results page do not contain tax, as indicated in the footer at the bottom of the page.

It may not be possible to collect points or use reward programs if you book your room through a Trivago Accommodation page that you accessed through a Trivago match. Please check with the relevant hotels before making a deposit if points are important to you. The Trivago is also available as a smart phone application.

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