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They make "Hotel" the question and "Trivago" the answer. Thought Trivago stood for Trip, Vacation, Go. I' ve taken one day off to book my holiday.

How is Trivago named Trivago?

It was not so long ago that reserving a room in a luxury resort was complex, time-consuming and stress. Then, websites such as Expedia, Orbitz, and came along, enabling users to effectively benchmark rates, review ratings, see high-resolution pictures and even shop around for comforts. Not only does this improve the reservation feeling reduce the anxiety about buying, but it also ensures that the properties always offer a great shopping adventure.

Malte Siewert, Rolf Schrömgens and Peter Vinnemeier saw the website's popularity in 2005 and created their own website for aggregating hotels named Trivago. Trivago works with over 150 Online Travellers' Agency (OTAs) to ensure that the information is presented in an effective manner. Trivago is able to collect, distil and present large quantities of information for the big and small local tourist agents.

Trivago draws 20 million visitors every months because this type of information-minining goes beyond what everyone could do in time. What the consumer does not see, however, are all the experimentation that the Trivago staff is conducting to test the commitment of our customers and to enhance the user-friendliness of the website.

Trivago currently attracts 120 million visits per months and comparisons 900,000 properties from over 250 booking pages in 33 different nationalities. How come it's Trivago? As most of us thought it meant Trip Vacation Go, but we were not able to confirm this. We sent some news to Trivago's welfare staff, but we haven't overheard.

To Trivago the Internet's passion for its own label and instead of giving an explicit answer to the issue, they took the chance to clearly describe what Trivago is doing in a promotional effort. Where is KAYAK named KAYAK? In spite of all the successes of the last 10 years, Trivago is prepared to begin the next ten years with even greater objectives.

We have already said that client satisfaction has always been one of the keys to this. They will keep collecting feedbacks, but now they are paying for it through their Secret Guest Program, where certain people get charged for giving in-depth feedbacks about their sojourn. In addition, with the assistance of Expedia, which bought a 61. 6% share in Trivago for ~$632 million back in 2012, it is likely that they will reap the rewards of a bigger debit card and extra funds.

The Trivago website is one of the few pages devoted to B2B accommodation. Trivago Direct Connect will help hospitals by offering them on-line advertising and customisable reservation machines. One of the goals is to help them achieve better results from their cost-per-click campaign on Trivago.

A precious by-product of this would be that it could draw smaller properties to provide Trivago customers with discounts. The inclusion of a number of independant companies could give the business an edge over its competition. His passion is focused on the areas of creativity in advertising, designing and creating emotion.

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