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Holiday packages flight hotel car

Add your hotel and car hire with a choice for every budget. Explore the cheap Puerto Rico holiday offers today. Hotels, resorts and holiday packages in Puerto Rico. Travel between hotel + flight by rental car. It is a flexible package.

For general information

We' re doing all the work, and you benefit from great deals and you' ll be saving your money by making all the reservations together. Do I have to pay in full when making the reservation? For hotel and lump sum reservations, full settlement is necessary. We do not currently take down payments for holiday packages.

No, one debit cardholder is permitted per booking. Is it possible to modify my parcel booking? Yes, you can modify a parcel booking. You will be charged $200 per parcel switch plus any parcel charge differences. If you would like to make changes to a holiday pack, please call us at 1-844-762-0087. Is it possible to reverse my parcel booking?

Parcel bookings outside our 24-hour withdrawal conditions are non-refundable. If you have an enquiry about an already booked holiday please call 1-844-762-0087. Where can I make a reservation? At the moment we do not provide a best possible rate warranty on our holiday packages. If you have any questions about holiday packages, please call 1-844-762-0087.

How much is the hotel rate? As well as the parcel items (flight, hotel and car, if selected), the parcel rate contains all relevant tax and charges. Prices do not cover hotel charges (or similar obligatory charges to be paid directly to the hotel) or tips.

A number of establishments levy an extra fee for electricity, food (unless otherwise specified), cartage and/or nursery costs, car park costs, phone costs and ancillary costs for guests. Allows you to make bookings for a large group? Please enter your voucher points at the check-out in the "Loyalty Information" section. Is it possible to use my free vacation plan?

I' ve reserved a holiday pack, but I haven't yet mileaged. You will receive your accrued vacation packs within 6-8 week of completing your trip. When you have not been awarded your award, please call the local dealer at your local branch of your local branch, i. e. 1-800-654-5669.

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