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Fill in your criteria and we will find the best offer for all car companies. Have a look at some of the holidays recommended by our travelers. Scenic elegance Punta Cana holiday package. Las Mareas Costa Rica holiday package. Rome-Times Hotel holiday package.


Terms apply: There may be extra charges for luggage for air-inclusive rates. If you are traveling by plane, please check with your carrier or their website for details on hold luggage guidelines, or check our luggage regulations page. The rates are per capita for two people. Allowances for tours and countryside only cover return travel from selected towns and no food, unless otherwise stated.

Saving only reflects the property values and varies according to destination and travel date. Fares and/or all-inclusive fares on air fares, cruise holidays and trips are liable to interruptions of holidays, supplements for busy periods and cancellations fees may apply up to the full amount of the ticket fee according to the tariff and/or all-inclusive rate and in case of cancelling.

US or foreign governments levy up to $60 in tax and charges on arrival and departure, subject to the route selected, and must be paid to the appropriate ATC. Certain rates are non-refundable but can be redeemed for a charge of up to $200, plus extra flight charges due to differences in new airfare.

There may be other limitations depending on the destination and airlines. For more information, please do not hesitate to do so. The GOGO VACATION does not accept any liability for mistakes or omitted information in the contents of the indicated quotations.

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Being one of the market leader in the travel industry, Professional Travel has many travel partner companies to help us make your travel experiences the best they can be. We would be happy to talk to you about your next holiday. If you are not sure what kind of holiday you are looking for, our specialists will hear you and make proposals according to your wishes.

As a top preferred agency, we are directly linked to the booking system and the best possible fares for parcels with services on these top airlines.

 11 companies that will be paying for your holiday

You' ve already been told about compensated free leave, but what about compensated free leave? Whether you believe it or not, a rising number of companies not only allow you to take holidays - they even help you to cover your travel needs. There is a mounting number of research showing that companies with a liberal holiday policy have more prolific staff, lower health care cost and lower sales, to name but a few.

The following 11 companies have remained true to this tendency - which is why they help to finance staff travel. Be it through travel scholarships, refunds or large rebates, these companies can help you take the vacation of your dream. Programme details: The timesheet and dispatching firm TSSheets offers its staff a travel voucher of $1,500 per year.

There is only one catch: "You have to cut the connection on holiday completely: Programme details: Being a travel website, it may come as no big deal that Expedia is encouraging its staff to go on holiday. Staff are reimbursed $250 to $750, based on length of service, as well as rebates on retailer and travel purchases made through the website.

Programme details: Working at the HR softwares firm BAMBOHR, you get $2,000 per year to travel the globe as you please. Staff have used the bonuses to travel to Paris, Disney and Hawaii and more. Programme details: The FullContact contacts database is convinced that employees' holidays are beneficial to their organization, offering each member of the staff a full $7,500 a year for travel.

There is no holiday, no cash; you have to cut the connection; and you cannot work on holiday. Programme details: Airbnb staff members are given $2,000 a year in travel vouchers every quarter - "enough to stay with good offers for a month," says a recent staff member. Programme details: On top of 21 additional non-salaried vacation entitlements, seven additional absences and 10 public holiday payouts, Moz, the staff of the global provider of telemarketing services, will get a holiday refund of $3,000 per year.

Programme details: JourneyAdvisor provides its staff with a $250 or more travel allowance, based on the duration of their employment, as well as rebates on a wide range of travel arrangements available through the website. Programme details: SteelHouse staff receive $2,000 a year to go where they want. Programme details:

Evernote, as the manufacturer of a successful production application, knows that one of the best ways to increase staff efficiency is to give them enough charging power. Evernote provides you with an indefinite holiday and an annual scholarship of $1,000 to help you do this. Programme details: When you' re fortunate enough to work at Travelzoo, you'll get a $1,500 scholarship and three additional PTOs to" make a room, holiday pack, charter trip or air deal we're negotiating on our 28 million members worldwide," said Michael Stitt, president of Travelzoo North America.

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