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Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. These are some of our most popular resorts in Las Vegas: Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Find out why Las Vegas, Nevada is called the entertainment capital of the world. A kaleidoscope of bright light and high energy.

Travel offers in Las Vegas

See why Las Vegas is one of the world's most visited holiday resorts. Fast-paced Las Vegas has everything from games, food, shows, rides and so much more. Let the sparkling light dazzle you, marvel at the running water jets and discover the whole globe in one place. Ranging from the romanticism of Europe to the high adventures of Egyptian antiquity, Las Vegas has everything to offer.

Thinking of Las Vegas, most think of The Strip, a 4 mile long section of Las Vegas Boulevard with some of the biggest hotel, resort and casino facilities in the state. But Las Vegas is so much more. A lot of travellers like to return to Fremont Street, where Las Vegas of the past years is lively and good.

The Lake Las Vegas, Green Valley/Henderson and Summerlin/Red Rock areas provide a more relaxing environment away from the stripe, offering fantastic shops, restaurants, spa and gulf. Home to some of the most engaging, fun and unbelievable shows ever to have been staged.

When you are considering to catch a show during your Las Vegas holiday, here are some of the most loved to watch: There are up to six simultaneous Broadway shows (two to three Broadway shows can be seen in Las Vegas at any time), and shows and shows in Las Vegas every year.

The city is home to many ongoing (or semi-permanent) shows, but also hosts a broader spectrum of artists for specific, temporary work. There' s never-ending activity in Las Vegas. There are free shows in Las Vegas from the Bellagio Fountain to Viva Vision, the world's biggest open-air display on Fremont Street.

From the neon sign cemetery to the nuclear test museum, Las Vegas is home to some of the most outstanding museum in the underworld. Las Vegas has almost as many establishments and gambling establishments as the skies. Perhaps the best thing about Las Vegas is that you don't need to be a visitor to them to be able to play in the gambling areas, eat in the restaurant, theatre, shop and the general ambience.

Almost every resort has a special theme, so you can get away to the world of France, ancient Egypt, Italy, the Middle Ages, Brazil and much more without ever having to leave Las Vegas. In the past Las Vegas was famous for its low-cost ribs and shellfish food and drinkers. Las Vegas has now become a gastronomic capitol, with a whole range of fine and famous chefs, funny and tasty eating places and exaggerated cuisine.

Obviously it's still Las Vegas, so there are still some great value for money meals and low cost casual eating choices. There are sumptuous sideboards in many strip and many of the greatest chefs have set up some of the best high-end venues in the hospitality industry in Las Vegas.

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