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Inexpensive hotels in the world. Do you have any tips for saving hotel costs? Here are the best websites to find cheap flights:. Great savings on airline tickets with AllCheapFares! You can pay less with our cheap tickets, hotel prices and more!

Locate cheap flights for college kids on these top sites

Traveling can be hard to pay for when you are a seminarian buckled up for money. However, many websites provide excellent study trips if you know where to look. You can find offers. University Flights, Hotels and Excursions for 18-25 year old campus travelers.

While you can have automatic admission to offers, you may need to verify your current state by releasing a timetable, identity document or other paper. You do not have to be a seminarian in some of our offers: STA offers flights for all age groups, but some of its flights are only available to full-time college and under 26s.

With the STAÂ?Â?Â?Â?Â?Â?Â?Â?Â?Â?Â?Â?Â?Â?Â?Â? Lufthansa's Studentenreiseprogramm offers the cheapest and most versatile rates for Lufthansa customers with a current e-mail adress. Start your travels internationally!


VPN vendors often argue that it is possible to get better value by faking your geo-location and booking a reservation from the service you want via VPN. Rationalization is that businesses are expecting non-national users to be "willing to pay more than natives " and therefore increase the price of searching for IPs from abroad.

We' ve been to a large variety of hotels compare sites, each entering two similar keywords - one without a VPN link (we are UK based) and one linked to a US VPN site. Any research related to reservations of trips or hotels within the United States. To make sure the sites do not take up our previous queries and adjust their results accordingly, we used the private/incognito modus (to fully deactivate cookies) when we visit these sites and also used totally separated web browser for our UK and US queries.

We also warned ourselves that malicious web pages would determine our actual site or IP addresses when using VP by scanning for DNA leakage and vulnerability to the WebRTC exit by browsing While we spend about three hour chasing tens of airline and hospitality compare pages, such as,, and many more, we found almost all of them at the same price, regardless of whether VPN was used or not (occasionally the price varied by a buck or two, but we don't think it's important).

The most conspicuous results seemed to be achieved on the Kayak voyage services website. We found no differences in the list of economical rates when we compared them, but when we took a look at the Business Class rates, the situation would change drastically according to where we were. US$250 or more in Business Class pricing on the US website!

Note that for some reasons the flights shown are not the same, but more significantly, switching from website to the website (to which we were forwarded without VPN automatically) (which most sites allow) had the same effect as using VPN.

a bargain deal was available on the UK site! While this is actually the opposite of the anticipated results, we should be aware that the rates were the same in immediate comparisons (e.g. the Best West Plus Car Inn). Here, too, a simple website change led to the same results as with a VPN.

We have not found a conscious price increase on the basis of the Internet Protocol from which a query was made. We' ve also found that every website we visit (with available country-specific versions) has redirected us instantly to the one specified by our seeming Internet Protocol addresses, but all of them have the ability to modify the country-specific release used by hand without the need for a VPN or other means of deception.

While VPN is great for many things - it provides your browsing freedom, prevents hacking when using WiFi hot spots, allows you to see the Netflix over sea experience, and much more, we need to realize what we've long thought - that VPN can help you earn cash on flights and hotels for no reason.

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