Weekly car Rental

Car rental per week

The Lyft and Uber drivers get access to cheap GM cars on a weekly rental basis. Car rental per wk - Reservation of one car per wk. Do you plan a one-week holiday? Monthly car hire companies, ranging from five to seven nights, offer you one trip for your whole holiday. Refresh the date and timestamp of your bookings to find the best car rental weekly price.

Rates depend on site, car, date and availabilty. The pick up and drop off times you specify in your weekly car rental reservations will be included in your rent.

When you need to prolong your date of returning or if you need to get your car back early, prices may change as your details change. Monthly car hire is the perfect way to make the most of your holiday with your whole host families. . For example, if you are renting a car for the entire weeks, you can go on a Hawaiian food trip, or go on a flight to Las Vegas and then out to the Grand Canyon with a weekly SUV rental.

Car rental per week

With our weekly car hire discount, you can safe your next holiday or your next travel. You can also rent a car on a daily basis. The more nights you reserve, the lower the costs per rental will be. Discover a new city: Extend your journey with a rental car for a whole weekend.

With the comfort of a rental car, you'll be back on time. Hire one for a whole weekend and have the opportunity to really test a car before you buy it. Well-earned pleasure: Enjoy a full weekend in a luxurious or cabriolet rental car to indulge in something really new.

The number of kilometres of our rental vehicles is not limited so that you can travel free with your weekly car.

35 per cent discount on budget weekly and weekend rents

Benefit today from Huge budget cuts! Saving up to 35% on Budget Weekly and Kitchen Rental. Offered for rental NOW until December 31, 2018. Up to 35% saving is available for budget-leisure-weekly and week-end tariffs and only for the rental fees for period and kilometers.

Tax, collection of concessions, collection of car licenses, client facilities billing ($10/contract in CA) may be charged and are a surcharge. The offering is available at our sites in the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico. You may not use the service in connection with other promotions or offers. Prices per week demand a minimal rental time of five days.

Week-end prices are available at midday on Thursday; the rent must be paid back by 23:59 Monday, otherwise a higher price will be charged. Discounts are available for car rentals until December 31, 2018. Offers are dependent on car rental and may not be available at certain periods.

There may be returns limitations. Non-binding quotation. Holidays and other blocking period may be valid. Min. ages may differ depending on your area. For tenants under 25 years an extra day supplement may be charged.

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