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Me? Use your own name? On Monday, the 20 birthday of Priceline, the famous actress, vocalist (OK perhaps not so legendary) anditchman William Shatner, having lunch with a gang of journalists at the Tuscany Steakhouse in Manhattan on many of the day's topics, among them travelling, new technology, drama, social communication and just society. When asked about his 20 years of activity in printed, broadcast and TV advertising, in which he considered Your Own Prize as a Priceline Negotiator, then Express Deals and now the company's 20 years of existence, Shatner said he was unbelievably proud of the performance.

But Shatner has had his ups and downs with his Priceline work over the years, includ-ing in the early days when the equity cost of $265 per stake dropped to around $2. 25, depreciating his stock-based reimbursement, and several years ago when the firm apparently ended off its bargain mark in a cliff hanger, or actually its coach went over a brigde in advertisements, when name your own cost dropped its sheen.

However, he later spoke in the advertisements, and this months advertising spots for the 20 year jubilee of Priceline showed him. Shatner, 87, prided himself on the fact that no fame had such a long and prosperous run as the pitch man of a business for over two years. I? Use your own name? During the early years of his Priceline involvement, Shatner allegedly said he never really used the Priceline name Your Own Prize Billed Services, which he promoted because he only provided coaching classes, but he had none today.

Clad in a handkerchief and in a tuxedo, Shatner said he and his whole hostage were using Priceline all the while. He actually said he only used Priceline for his journeys. Shatner, for example, remembered getting into a limousine with his woman and recognizing on the way to the airfield that he had forgotten his "man's bag".

Shatner said he changed his booking with the Priceline application, where you can see the available places. "Looks like it worked out for Jay Walker back then," Shatner said, referencing Cosby's condemnation for molest.

However, Shatner raised doubts about Walker's account of a supermodell and a little due do-doing due diligence for the actors about Priceline's shop before taking the ad work. "It' a lovely story," Shatner said with a smile and dismissed the comedy. As a matter of fact, his woman was a puppet - not a superwoman - he said, but they had Dobermans, so it was unlikely that they would go to Priceline HQ in Norwalk, Connecticut held a small hound in their arms. 2.

It was Shatner who was ready to give an input on a hot-button Theme: Theme: The Hot Buttons: The Theme: The Hot Buttons: The Theme: The Hot Buttons: The Theme: The Hot Buttons: The Buttons: The Hot Buttons: The Hot Buttons: U.S. Trivago Guy - Actor Tim Williams - who is described by some as "creepy", although he has a legion of supporters as Trivago's TV actor-speaker. And Shatner joked that he should put on a waistcoat and get shaved. As you see, Shatner, despite his riches, seems to travel like a native - somehow.

As Shatner said, he likes to travel with his wife and daughter, and most of them use scooter bikes, which is a great way to connect and keep up with the 12-year-olds. In fact, if you're interested in Shatner's view of the new technology and what he thinks of it.

The use of soft mediums should be used to generate "good feelings", such as connecting the needy in the vast South African township with companies that can provide things like four tyres when needed. He will encourage his supporters to participate in such endeavors and he will give the companies taking part the right to participate in it.

Regarding new technology, Shatner said Priceline should use new technology to educate the consumer when the best moment to make travel reservations is (some businesses like Hopper, for example, have this feature); stated that he was mindful of realities and expanded realities; and argumenting that unlike carbon and fuel, the way to rescue the world is through it.

This was not a poor response, although it was clear that he felt at home when he spoke about his 20 years at Priceline - and pretty much everything else.

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