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Discover what real customers have said about orbitz.com/. With Orbitz, my travel companion and I have booked a multi-city trip. It was Orbitz who made a spelling mistake on my last name by adding an additional "e" and changing it from ** to **.

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A few month ago we reserved for Nasta's B&B in Rome via Orbitz. I' m sorry, but I didn't print out the Orbitz certificate before we left for Italy. As I tried to solve the issue with Orbitz and our payment cardholder in the room used by the B&B using nonsecured Wi-Fi, our payment cardholder information was compromised.

With Orbitz, I was on a 15-minute wait, using costly intern. Over the long term, everything Orbitz said was, "Sorry. I will never use Orbitz again. I am currently involved in a controversy over the Orbitz charges and the associated attempted fraud to use our cards simultaneously with my payment processing group.

After reading mainly bad commentaries about Orbitz, I chose to exchange completely different experience with the group. I' ve reserved several (about 15) hotel rooms through Orbitz and never had any problems with the reservations. The Orbitz rates are often unrivalled and the rooms are always as they were.

But I' ve never had to turn to our support, which - so the critics here - seems quite disappointing. On Orbitz I reserved a room and did not get an e-mail regarding the $101.00 online rate. At check-in into a room, the hotelier said that I would get an invoice through Orbitz and because I had reserved through her, the hotelier could not verify the fare.

I got a $194.88 bill when I got home from my journey! When I called Orbitz, nobody could really talk English and I was informed that the rate would rise and fall every day through her and the reserved city. Orbitz did not provide anything.... and said: "Our rates already include the rebates!

There' s no refunds, a genuine run where nothing makes perfect headlines.... a foreign-language operative mumbles. Lures and invoice with deceptive information to entice the client into a wrong booking. As everyone else on this Orbitz website..... Be careful of this firm and be sure that you get your poor rating and eventually the Better Business Bureau will stop this going to happen to sincere souls.

I' ve had a cancellation and the company informs me that it has notified Orbitz, but Orbitz will not inform us. Bad customer support and bad customer services. It' not your majority-- Book a sightseeing tour of Orbitz. Later Orbitz approached me to inform me that my homeward journey was terminated and that the next available ticket was 24h later.

Now that I had to plan for another night's lodging, meals and another day's lack of work, when I asked if I would be reimbursed in any way, they replied that my reimbursement was that they would not be charging me a fare for changing my plane?! Then I e-mailed the support staff, but my reply was not answered.

It' s a disappointment that a big business like Orbitz still has such a bad client support and little to no means to make up for the customers when such inconvenience occurs a trip through the Orbitz for my boy (12) and me and we hadn' died in the mob.

At the time of booking, I chose the "cancellation insurance" for $37.50/ticket. One could think that a "cancellation insurance" means an assurance if one has to annul. You offer to reimburse the flight within a year, but I have to go with my second. They' re gonna bill me $200/ticket for a rebooking.

I' m currently on-hold with Customer Services. DON'T USE AVIS KENNESAW OR ORBITZ TO BOOK A HIRE VEHICLE. I have rented a vehicle through Orbitz two nights before the journey. Couldn't run RUN solvency test due to the use of debt cards (it's a banking cards that has visas signature and can be run anywhere else than for credit card) until they got aut.

Calling orbitz to complain about the question and the reimbursement for prepaid coverage that I needed to make a claim would have to go through Orbitz, not the motor vehicle coverage location that was not told to me at the moment of purchasing. It will take several working nights to pay the policy while the reimbursement is immediately canceled.

Time and again the client services said that we have no controls over the vehicle hire and also not over the policy of the group. There is no point in booking on-line with orbitz if they cannot help to resolve the problem or can be of use if things do not go according to schedule. It was SIX Hoour Way, too slow to change cars, postponed my journey and will add $400 to me to hire a vehicle directly through companies, but frankly, companies had the BEST CLIENT SURVEY I' ve had to deal with all the time.

Terribly horribly horrific, I will never use Orbitz or Avis again. It' the poorest form of client services. Nobody is concerned about your customers' happiness, always put yourself on hold for long periods of time if you want to make changes to your flights. They don't mind if you want to call off a plane. You too can speak to your superior.

My mother's plane was last canceled because she did not go to Europe and nobody told me about it. But, because it is a very bogus side and also counterfeit, they declined to make changes and give me the money back.

They gave me a full reimbursement. Never again completely post this wrong site and never ever refer anyone to go with them. If I am looking for my data, the rates are great, but every single times I try to make a booking I get a note "The cost of your journey has changed...." and the rates are not so great.

That same thing happens I get lower rate in the quest but higher rate when I try to booking. I' d rather go than use Orbitz. You completely fucked me on my second trip to Houston and back home and I will NEVER.....

We had a little bit of gastric discomfort just before our plane ride, and he couldn't withstand it, so we thought we'd put him in an ambulance because we knew we'd most likely miss our plane, so we phoned them to let them know what was going on. But I didn't ask for a reimbursement just another plane ride for the same or next days, if no one available for the same date, gave me the barrel around talk, I have an insuance!.... really!!!

No, I have not taken out a policy, my papers say that the ticket is non-refundable, non-transferable and no name-chang. All the paperwork for the ticket doesn't mean we can't make changes to the ticket for the same or next day's flights. They wanted to work with us and charged us a $50 per passenger but as we were doing it through Orbitz, they could do nothing for us, and the only thing Orbitz could do was charging us more than what we had already done for the roundtrip and I refused to do that.

I' had a terrible experiance for one of my last bookings with Orbitz. Everything was just fine until I arrived at the airport to make a check-in. Orbit support arrived and nobody was prepared to make a choice for 3 hrs from Orbitz. and at 5:00 a.m. I have no accommodation.

The way Orbitz dealt with the subject was the most terrible thing I have experienced so far..... When all goes well, then its good, but if you get into any spending, then its not booty with Orbitz. Notice....Horrible...Horrible Service....Internet scam, in to confirm the scam with. 1200 my cash and do not give it back. had bogus holidays just to take it.

Orbice is a terrible one! Orbice is a terrible one!! and I made sure I had a cancellations policy when I bought it. Later, I had to quit and was rejected unless I filed a complaint with a ridiculously large amount of my details, which was a prerequisite for a "cancellation insurance" which I would also like to say I did NOT buy.

It was an unauthorised charge from orbitz to my debit or debit or debit cards after I bought my tickets and I got my debit or debit or credit on it. They now use the scam "insurance cancellation contract" as a means against me not to repay my sums. I' used an Orbitz balance to buy a Jet Blue pass.

Orbitz credited me for a Jet Blue trip, which I cancel; Orbitz credited me for the Jet Blue one. I' ve recieved a verification e-mail from Orbitz that I have been confirmed for my 1166, Long Beach to Sacramento. I' m fighting to get a reimbursement; I don't want a bonus.

I had a very poor experiance with Orbitz, like many of you. I' ve reserved a reimbursable seat on Orbitz and the company has refused to take the plane at the airfield. Upon application for a reimbursement, orbitz gives an apology that the carrier refuses a reimbursement. You should never purchase your Orbitz travelcard.

Well, I suppose there had to be a say for Orbitz to carve the customer on the flight. Orbitz impressed me very much, but today, after I made a booking, I found out that Orbitz added $45. Your statement when I lodged a complaint was that what I achieved was "economy," and now you are calculating.

Of course, if I had gone straight to Delta, I would have stayed away from this brazen accusation. Well, my best advice is to test the distance on Orbitz and see if this "booking fee" is levied and if so, then directly with the airlines to reserve and you safe the moneys.

Do not cancel your reservation with orbitz. At the end they said to get some kind of reimbursement, I had to go to a clinic, be seen by a registered doctor, file medical information, and if they ruled that it was a "valid reason" by their yardsticks, they would "consider" my request for reimbursement.

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